Star Fort

The Golf Club at Star Fort was put up for auction earlier in March, but owner Doyle McBride said the club will not be sold.

An auction listing for The Golf Club at Star Fort might have caused concern for Ninety Six residents.

But the club’s owner, Doyle McBride, said Thursday he has no plans to sell. He listed the golf course and many of his other properties on Bullseye Auctions, but only to gather information on their value.

“My plan is to continue operations, continue to put time and effort into it,” McBride said. “We’re on a good path so to speak so it’s not something I want to do right now. It was more an information gathering process for me. It was not an absolute auction.”

McBride, who recently turned 71 years old, said he weighed his options as he wants to get his estate in order. He said he auctioned several of his other properties.

The course is in good shape and has steady play, McBride said, and he trusts his staff in golf professional Zach Calhoun and superintendent Gil Herzberg.

“It is not overwhelming for me from a personal standpoint, even though I am there a little bit each week,” McBride said. “They don’t need me looking over their shoulder every day. They do a good job.”

McBride was born and raised in Ninety Six. He spent 20 years in the military before working in Columbia for many years. He bought Star Fort in 2007.

Even if McBride had an attractive offer for the course, he wouldn’t sell it if it meant the end of the golf course.

“Let’s assume somebody had made an offer to me where I said ‘I can’t turn that down,’ were they not willing to maintain it and carry it forward as a golf course, I wouldn’t have sold it. You’ve got a lot of folks just looking for the land. That’s the last thing I want to happen. I’ve got too much time, effort and emotion in it to let it die as a golf course.”

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