Lake Greenwood

Bass: Veteran tournament angler Stan Gunter of Greenwood reports that the bass pattern in January is largely dependent on the weather, and some years a crankbait fishes well shallow. When temperatures are cold and the water is relatively clear a jigging spoon can be effective. But the most reliable pattern is that in January on Lake Greenwood an Alabama rig is likely to be effective, either shallow, deep, or both.

Striped bass: Guide Daniel Skipper (864-430-0488) reports that in January striped bass could be found anywhere on Lake Greenwood, but the key to finding them is to locate the bait. Casting at diving birds with Alabama rigs or bucktails is the technique of choice.

Crappie: Guide Daniel Skipper reports that there are basically two patterns in January, and on the upper end of the lake fish will be caught deep around bridges. On the lower end by the end of the month fish may be starting to suspend in creek mouths. Both minnows and jigs can work, but you need to try both to see what they want on a particular day.

Catfish: Captain Chris Simpson (864-992-2352) reports that drifting cut herring, shad or white perch in mid-depths should be the best pattern in January.

Lake Thurmond

Bass: Tournament angler Josh Rockefeller reports that in January patterns will depend on weather conditions, but there should be a big group of fish in the creek ditches that can be caught on blade baits. There should also be a group of deeper fish out on the main lake that can be caught on underspins fished over humps and around bait.

Striper and hybrids: William Sasser Guide Service (706-589-5468) reports that in January fish should be caught in the creeks on shallow down-lines, free-lines and planer boards pulled over relatively shallow water.

Crappie: William Sasser Guide Service reports that in January fish should still be ganged up around mid-depth brush piles and submerged timber in the backs. Crappie will eat minnows or jigs.

Catfish: Captain Chris Simpson (864-992-2352) reports that January can also be a very good month for catching big catfish on Lake Thurmond, but the drastic cold snaps and general swings in temperature can also make fishing very inconsistent. Some days they may feed heavily, and then they may not feed for the next couple of days. In general anchoring on deep structure is the most consistent way to catch large blue and flathead catfish this month. Gizzard shad and white perch are hard to beat for the bigger fish.

Lake Russell

Bass: Guide Jerry Kotal (706-988-0860) reports that in January bass should still be caught deeper in the main lake and at the mouths of creeks. They will be caught on jigging spoons, drop shots and jigs.

Striped bass: Guide Wendell Wilson (706-283-3336) reports that in January the bite should be even better than in December as fish should get into tighter groups in the cold. Whether you opt to search for feeding fish by throwing artificials or covering water by pulling herring on free-lines and planer boards, following the birds is key.

Crappie and yellow perch: Guide Wendell Wilson reports that in January he will not target crappie, but yellow perch will be caught in excellent numbers. They will take minnows fished around deeper schools of bait.

Catfish: Guide Jerry Kotal reports that January is not a month when very many people will be targeting catfish, but if you concentrate on deep water you can pick up channel catfish.