Growing up, I had a couple of friends who continuously tried to get me to play golf with them whenever we had a free moment from school or baseball. Every single time I would tell them no because I wasn’t interested in the sport and I didn’t have a set of golf clubs.

That changed when Huntsville, the city in Alabama where I grew up, put a Top Golf facility less than five minutes from my parents’ house. That opened my eyes to the wonderful sport that now takes most of my free time.

I really started going to the course with one of my best friends from high school, which always ended poorly. For those who play, think back to the frustration of missing a ball or hitting it into a row of trees.

While that still happens basically every time I play, I got hooked.

Since I moved to South Carolina roughly two months ago, I have been visiting as many of the local courses I can, taking along fellow reporter and newbie golfer James Benedetto with me.

Unless one of us is out of town, we are usually playing 18 holes somewhere within a 20-minute drive from one of our houses.

Our love of the game is growing, and our scores are sometimes dropping.

This past Sunday, James and I were at The Links at Stoney Point, which will play host to the Class 4A Upper State tournament today. And today, the Greenwood High golf team will play for a spot in the state tournament.

On Tuesday, the Emerald golf team will play for that same chance, as it travels to Pendleton for its Upper State tournament.

We wish all of our local teams good luck as they ready for their upcoming playoff pushes.

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