The same $100 bill followed Dale Kittles to Afghanistan and back.

In 2008, Kittles kept the bill in a pouch he wore daily with other essential items when he worked as a contractor training civilian law enforcement. The money was meant for an emergency.

“I would pay it to whoever I needed to to get me back to friendly people,” Kittles said.

Thankfully, he never had to spend it. So 11 years later, the same folded-up $100 dollar bill was still with Kittles, the project manager for the Greenwood Post 20 Braves baseball team.

A grin spread across Kittles’ face as he held up the bill and dared Post 20 pitcher Preston Evans to shave the long black locks that flowed from beneath his green cap.

“He said he’ll cut it for a hundred bucks and that’s what I’m going to do,” Kittles said. “I think it’ll be well worth it. I’ve been saving it for a long time for a reason.”

Evans, like many other teammates and players from the opposing team, had his head shaved for Post 20’s St. Baldrick’s fundraiser. The money will be sent to St. Baldrick’s, which is an organization that raises money toward cancer research.

Kittles had his head shaved, too. It was an annual memorial to his daughter, Lauren, who died of Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2010. Kittles was proud to see Post 20 players make a sacrifice to support the cause.

“This is something that she asked me and her mom to keep going,” Kittles said. “And that’s what we’re doing. Every year, these kids step up. People said they weren’t going to do it, but they’re sitting right there.

“It’s for the kids who don’t have a choice. They lose their hair — they have no choice.”

Kittles’ donation was part of more than $900 that Post 20 raised during a doubleheader of junior and senior team games. Post 20’s senior team lost to Lexington 1-0 and Post 20’s junior team lost to Strom Thurmond, 16-15.

In the senior team’s game, Matthew Ellis went six innings and struck out five. Lexington’s Brett McEwan hit a one-run single in the top of the third for the only run.

The Braves’ junior team gave up 10 runs in the top of the fifth inning, but stayed consistent on offense and nearly made a comeback. The team scored nine runs in the bottom of the seventh, but a groundout ended their effort to tie it.

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