My musical talent essentially begins with loosely being able to maintain a beat and some singing ability that my fellow thespians claim is perfectly fine though not perfect. I think they say that because no one else got the particular roles I was assigned. The show must go on.

My talent ends with the ability to play music from my CD collection, Pandora and Amazon Music. I don’t even have Spotify. Everyone else in the family apparently got more than the beat. Youngest daughter can play the keyboards. My right hand can pick out a tune on the keyboards, but the left hand dare not get involved. It doesn’t even sound like decent jazz piano. Oldest daughter took up the flute and remains fairly proficient. At one point years ago, I thought I’d try my hand at guitar. Suffice it to say you’ve never caught me on the stage with Keller Ridgeway, Ashby Stokes, Granger Smith, Duane Terry, Austin Landers, Steve Eddy, Nic Massey, Kenny Price ... well, you get the idea. You’ll find me in the audiences Uptown enjoying these guys often enough, but that’s it.

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