Understanding that building is a process

I love to build — buildings. Building is my hobby and not my profession. Building is a process made up of many “steps” to the finished product. The key to really enjoying building versus not, lies in the ability to enjoy the process, versus the delayed joy of the finished house. I enjoy completing each step. When done with each step, I revel at my accomplishment. Just recently, on a renovation, I replaced 4 foot of hidden, rotten cast iron sewer pipe between the house and the city sewer tap. I was elated at having, by chance, found the line under the porch, and realizing the averted future problem that was now corrected. Completing each step in the process is a separate “job well done” that I love. I am just as pleased, finishing the boxes of the kitchen cabinets, as putting on the final coat of paint. This may be what people mean when they say: “live in the moment”. I paraphrase a quotation I heard from a person suffering and dying from a disease: “ I was so sad that afternoon as the reality of my eminent demise hit me, and then, I ate the most delightful piece of chocolate cake.” Each God-given breath we take can be a reason for joy and celebration. Try it!