Looking with hope to midterm elections

Wish someone would get the message to Trump that 2020 is history, stolen or not, move on. Trump is not going to be running against Biden or anyone else. First, Biden will be 82 and might be with us in body but not mind. Second, it is hard to imagine that Democrats would consider Harris for a top spot based on her performance thus far.

It is doubtful that Trump could win a primary against qualified conservative candidates. Even with a primary win it is doubtful that Trump would be elected against a middle of the road Democrat. Here is why. A vast majority of the 20% independent votes are turned off by Trumps behavior. They loved Trumps agenda but totally turned off by his personality, throwing people under the bus who had been loyal supports and just being nasty to anyone who might have a different point of view. Half of the people I interact with who voted for Trump in 2020 say they would not support him again.

Because of Trumps interference in the Georgia runoff he is personally responsibility for the loss of Senate seats in Georgia that cost Republicans control of the US Senate. If only one seat had been won by Republicans the mess in Washington costing us Trillions wouldn’t be happening.

Hopefully candidates for the 2022 midterms elections can keep Trump out of the picture. Worked in Virginia and almost New Jersey. Voters like Trumps programs but can’t deal with him personally.



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