The worst fears are that Republicans, who will be in charge of the House in 2023, will squander this opportunity? First, there is such infighting about who will be Speaker that it is possible a Democrats could end up being the Speaker. If the Republicans cannot compromise within their own party in regard to Speaker how in the world are they going to compromise with Democrats to get needed legislation passed? Second, there is a lot more discussion about getting revenge than passing needed legislation! Emphasis needs to be on legislation not revenge. Should there be hearings? Yes, but very limited. For legislation pick the two or three areas having the best chance of passing a divided House, not necessarily the most needed, and put the bills before the House for discussion, acceptable changes, then an up or down vote. Force Congress to go on record. The Republicans won’t get everything they want but it will show voters that with comprise, give and take, things can get done. It is crucial that Congress move away from gridlock and toward a willingness to comprise. Republicans need to lead the way in this endeavor!