You didn’t overeat and then, as a result, oversleep? Well, good for you. If you’re one of those who lives a little for the Thanksgiving meal, but even more for Black Friday shopping, we’ll give you a thumbs up while we hang back and wait for the crowds to subside.

And if you’re one of those who has steadily been doing your holiday shopping to avoid the Black Friday madness, you get a thumbs up as well.

That said, if you’re also one of those who tries to do as much shopping with area merchants as possible, you get two thumbs up — which is not to be confused with two snaps up and around the world. That was for all you “In Living Color” fans out there.

Some people cast a judgmental eye toward groups of motorcyclists. But on Sunday, anyone who saw the swarm of motorcyclists in Greenwood, should only have had good and warm thoughts. The Woodlawn Ramblers Motorcycle Club ventured out for its 36th toy run in an effort to make sure a lot of kids have a happy Christmas. Now that deserves a thumbs up.

Before Christmas there was Thanksgiving, of course, and a host of folks did their part to help feed people who otherwise might not get much of a Thanksgiving meal.

We give them — the Soup Kitchen, Food Bank of Greenwood and many others who year in and year out give of their time and resources — a big thumbs up as well. And we know a good number of them and other volunteers will be at the forefront to ensure area families don’t go hungry over the Christmas holiday.

Hey, it’s all good this week. Lots to be thankful for, so there’s no need to issue any thumbs pointed downward.

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