We’re no fans of animal abuse, but we know we’ll take a few hits ourselves for what some will say is beating the proverbial dead horse.

Still, as we all continue to navigate through the coronavirus pandemic, we remain convinced that, although not foolproof, best measures to stave off or lessen the impact of the virus are consistent. Or mostly consistent, in the case of face masks.

Washing of hands, wearing of masks and, of course, the vaccine seems to be people’s best bet. Again, not foolproof, but wise choices. Yes, people who have received a full vaccine and even boosters can wind up with the virus. But chances are good that they won’t wind up hospitalized and certainly not on a ventilator.

We mention the masks because, as the CDC seems to be taking some hard and frequent tacks as it sails the virus waters, it appears the health organization is now touting the N-95 masks as the best choice for all. Of course, if you want to continue sporting designer masks, you could and probably should consider a double layer. Even with masks, we contend another best practice is to keep your distance from others as much as possible.

All of this is to say we extend a thumbs up to those who are trying their level best not only to avoid the virus, but also avoid spreading it. It’s understandable, frankly, that some people are about ready to get the virus, hope for the best and get over it. Problem with that is not knowing the impact it might have on them. And again, there’s the concern about spreading it. Maybe you won’t have it too bad, but you could wind up passing it along to someone who winds up in dire straits. Or worse.

There are likely some more topics we can or should write about in this space, but we’re in a bit of a hurry. You see, George McKinney, the soon-to-be-retired Greenwood County emergency management coordinator, just won’t come off hard and fast facts about the weather forecast.

Despite our frequent pleas that George give us a final forecast and not one of those “it could do this or it might do that” forecasts that mimic what the TV forecasters are telling us, he just cannot seem to do it.

And so it goes that we must take our leave, hit the store for all those necessary items that prepare us for Snowmageddon/Winterpandemic or whatever you might want to call it before everyone else strips the shelves clean of crackers, cheese, beer and wine. What? You thought we were going to say bread and milk? Heck no. We’re going to treat this like a stay-at-home party.

Kidding, of course, but y’all be ready for whatever is coming. Or not. And we give you a thumbs up for your patience in the event we do get one of those rare snowfalls that brings everything to a standstill. Remember, if you didn’t feel too safe going out in snowy and icy weather, your newspaper carrier likely did hit the road to bring you a paper. We just want them to be safe, travel slowly and stay on the road and on their route. So if the paper’s late, be understanding.

With that said, we’ve probably put a curse on our chances of getting a good and cleansing snowfall. Alas.