Ah, yes. Turnabout is fair play, right? Most certainly so when it comes to politics.

The Democrats toss the impeach card on the table when Donald Trump is president, so of course the Republicans must do the same. If it were a bridge game, guess we’d say the Republicans are trying to trump President Biden.

It was all well and good when then-President Trump wanted to sit down at Camp David and negotiate with the Taliban. It was OK when then-President Trump even announced plans to withdraw from Afghanistan. But — gasp! — now that Biden followed through, it’s time to impeach him. After all, he has the blood of 13 U.S. soldiers on his hands. How much military blood did Richard Nixon have on his? Or Reagan? Or Johnson? Or Kennedy? The list goes on.

Only now, it’s different. It’s different because Biden is the one in the Oval Office. So what was good is now bad.

One would think that only under the Biden administration have drugs freely come across our borders along with immigrants. Never mind that his predecessor never really came close to building that spectacular wall that Mexico was going to pay for.

Fentanyl. Apparently our congressman, Jeff Duncan, and a host of other Republican lawmakers think that drug hasn’t been streaming into America under past presidents. Or, at least, past Republican presidents.

Look, many people who cast a vote for Joe Biden in November did so with trepidation. They were not oblivious to the fact that they were potentially putting a lifetime politician in the White House. But they cast what they thought was the safer vote.

The election did not turn out the way many Republicans wanted, and certainly not the way the Jan. 6 crowd wanted. But it wasn’t stolen.

It’s the story of how our system traditionally works. One party is in office, the other is not.

Here’s a thought. Don’t just make the most of it. Make the best of it. And playing turnabout is fair play, seeking retribution isn’t making the best of it. Try working through differences and concentrating on what is best for America in general.

Oh, and please don’t conveniently pluck quotes from past presidents, quotes that are used to prop up an assertion that even those presidents who were Democrats would be in league with your opposition to the sitting president.

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