Frozen turkeys were handed out the week before Thanksgiving.

The Neil “Gobbler” Cost Chapter of the National Wildlife Turkey Federation donated frozen turkeys for nonprofits to serve individuals and families.

Frozen turkeys were flying off trucks into the hands of community advocates.

When all was said and done, 110 turkeys had been given away in minutes to help conquer food insecurity in Greenwood.

Representatives from 10 nonprofits gathered at the Greenwood County Farmers Market parking lot to receive turkeys to take back to people in need.

This was the 18th year the Neil Gobbler Cost chapter of the National Wildlife Wild Turkey Federation has hosted this giveaway.

The organization faced challenges in collecting turkeys for this year’s giveaway because the COVID-19 pandemic kept the group from having its fundraising banquet.

Irving Wilt came through, donating 100% of profits from his award-winning homemade turkey calls. Publix also stepped in and organized the purchasing of the turkeys.

“We had to find a way to come up with the money,” Dennis Waters said. Waters has been putting the giveaway together each year. “These charities count on us. They do so much to help our community, we have to give back to them.”

James Sanders, from Mount Tabor Baptist Church, has collected turkeys for the past three years.

“Last year, we fixed 240 plates for families from church,” Sanders said. “There’s always someone who needs dinner. It’s a good cause.”

Since the giveaway’s inception, 27,000 pounds of turkey have been donated, with 1,582 of that total given away this year.

Wendi Andrews, of the Food Bank of Greenwood County, said many families don’t have the means to celebrate holidays. She is able to help them do just that, thanks to the donated turkeys.

“It’s a great support system to address food insecurity in Greenwood,” she said.

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