Greenwood County School District 50 and Abbeville County School District’s reopening plans for the 2020-21 school year were approved by state Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman on Thursday.

Spearman has OK’d 31 reopening plans so far, and now in the Lakelands, only Greenwood County School districts 51, 52 and McCormick County School District await approval for their reopening plans.

Gov. Henry McMaster announced July 15 that all districts had to submit a school reopening plan to Spearman that included a five-day-a-week in-person and virtual learning option. The announcement led to District 50 changing its plan to include a five-day in-person option along with the virtual option it already intended to offer.

On July 17, Spearman offered District 50 a one-week extension to review its plan and submit a new one by July 24.

The district’s new plan included the five-day in-person option, a completely virtual option and a hybrid A/B model option that would alternate in-person and eLearning days. Spearman would ultimately accept this plan on Thursday, along with Abbeville County School District’s plan, which includes a five-day in-person traditional option and an iTECH Academy option that is entirely online.

Abbeville County School District Superintendent Mason Gary announced Tuesday that the district’s reopening plan had contingently been approved pending changes to its IEP program.

Abbeville County School District’s start date will be Aug. 17, while District 50’s will be Aug. 24. Neither district will move its start date to Sept. 8 as McMaster recommended July 15.

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