As Self Regional Healthcare looks to keep pace with industry trends, its latest addition is an example, officials said Thursday, of how significant community buy-in can be in achieving that goal.

Two years after announcing plans to undertake an $11 million retrofit of its ambulatory care and women’s centers, more than 200 people gathered for an open house to celebrate its completion.

“These two mission-critical units are vital to Self Regional Healthcare’s future,” CEO Jim Pfeiffer said, before thanking donors who helped finance the project.

In March 2018, Self said it planned to make $29 million worth of capital investments over the next several years to upgrade the ambulatory care and women’s center and emergency room. To help meet that goal, officials launched an ambitious public campaign to raise about $7.5 million.

To date, Pfeiffer said, $6.5 million has been contributed, and he expects the figure to hover near $10 million when the drive ends.

“Your gifts of time, talent and some of your treasures have made Self Regional Healthcare the premier health care provider that it is today,” Pfeiffer said. “When a community gets behind its hospital, like all of you have, we simply cannot fail.”

The modernized unit features a large reception area with multi-colored windows and natural sunlight. A dedicated elevator can bring laboring mothers directly to the second-floor women’s care area, while the outpatient surgery level boasts more rooms, better sight lines for nurses and improved lighting.

“Those of us who care for patients in the surgery center and work there every day are well aware of why this renovation project was so important. Prior to the work we celebrate today, the facility was 1990s vintage and not large enough to handle the growth we expect in the next few years,” said Priya Kumar, a cardiologist and president of the Self Regional medical staff.

“We didn’t have enough rooms to create the best experience for all of our patients, and occasionally had to send them to the inpatient tower due to lack of available rooms, which was uncomfortable for the patient and inefficient for the staff,” she said.

Greenwood Obstetrics and Gynecology practitioner Steve Carter said improvements large and small were made to the women’s center, including a C-section suite with private recovery bays, enhanced birthing lights and larger equipment storage.

“Mothers delivering at Self Regional have always received professional, compassionate and excellent care. Now, these renovations, Self Regional will take that care to a new level,” Carter said.

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