On its 35th birthday, the Self Regional Healthcare Foundation didn’t receive a present but instead gave a gift of $3 million to the hospital.

As the hospital system’s fundraising arm, the foundation has drummed up nearly $40 million in its lifespan for the hospital. On Thursday, officials from the foundation and hospital gathered at Self Regional’s atrium to celebrate the continued partnership.

“We’re thrilled about the festivities today,” said Ken Coffey, executive director of the foundation. “We’ve learned a lot since our start 35 years ago, and we continue to grow from our successes of the past.”

He said in the foundation’s history, it has been blessed with engaged employees, volunteers and countless donors who gave of their money and time to better the area’s biggest provider of healthcare services.

“It means a lot to work hard and see it all come to fruition,” said Laine Orcutt, chairwoman of the foundation’s board. “It’s a very rewarding time for us.”

Every dollar the foundation raises keeps the hospital from having to increase rates and costs, said Self Regional Healthcare President and CEO Jim Pfeiffer.

“Over the last seven years, we haven’t done a rate increase,” he said.

In a presentation at the hospital’s atrium, Orcutt gave thanks to the board of trustees and volunteers throughout the years that made the past 35 years possible.

She also introduced the foundation’s first executive director, Anne Magruder, and her successor Craig White, who both spoke to the foundation’s lasting impact. Magruder said she was incredibly proud of what the foundation has become in the ensuing years, while White said they were blessed to have such dedicated people involved with the foundation.

“I had no fundraising experience when I got here, but the programs and groundwork that Anne had put in place let us hit the ground running,” he said.

The celebration also marked a significant step in the foundation’s Our Vision is 2020 fundraising campaign — Orcutt and Coffey presented Pfeiffer a $3 million check toward the $7.5 million goal to fund renovations to the hospital. The campaign is aimed at improving the childbirth center, surgery center and emergency department.

“The current emergency department was designed to care for 30,000 patients a year,” Pfeiffer said. “This year, our emergency department will treat 60,000 patients. The renovation will begin in early 2020 and will provide a state-of-the-art facility to care for the sick and injured.”

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