As city and county leaders forge ahead to find solutions on Greenwood’s ongoing gun violence, area law enforcement and judicial officials are teaming with their federal counterparts to bring in a powerful program that could send repeat offenders to prison for decades.

With Greenwood looking for ways to fight back against a recent surge in gun violence, the Grendel Village community had a meeting Tuesday night featuring guest speakers who talked to residents about what’s being done to stop the problem.

Thursday’s rare joint meeting between city and county council members to address ongoing gun violence was planned well before five people were sent to the hospital with injuries following a backyard shooting the night before, but the frightening occurrence took a prominent role in those talks.

While we remain heartened by the conversation and willingness of residents to offer thoughtful and meaningful suggestions on how to curb the violence that has plagued the city and county of Greenwood, we find ourselves in alignment with Greenwood’s police chief, Gerald Brooks, who came down …

In the midst of a frantic summer pockmarked by two gun-related homicides, Greenwood’s City Council on Monday met with police chief Gerald Brooks in a freewheeling conversation over what can be done to tamp down the violence.

Recent shootings throughout Greenwood might serve as a reminder for gun owners to keep their weapons secured and safe — and law enforcement and gun experts have suggestions on how to keep firearms out of the wrong hands.

Urged by residents to take direct action in Greenwood’s fight to curb gun violence, the City Council said it was open to all ideas but constrained in some ways by financial and logistic realities.

Equally shaken and disgusted by the continuing acts of gun violence plaguing Greenwood, several residents on Monday pushed the City Council to take action — whether in the form of a curfew or raising taxes to hire more police officers.

There have been far too many shooting deaths and seemingly random shootings taking place in and around the city of Greenwood, and something must be done. But doing something is not the responsibility of any one segment of Greenwood’s population. It’s not up to law enforcement or city and cou…