Lakeview Elementary Principal Molly Smith promised her students if they exceeded their goal of raising $5,000 for the school’s Boosterthon Run then she’d kiss some kind of animal. There were early discussions of her smooching a cow, but Lakeview’s ESOL teacher Ashley Jones’ pet pig Tofu got nominated instead.

“They asked if I could bring him for Dr. Smith to kiss, I was like sure,” Jones said.

Smith kissed Tofu three times during the Boosterthon Run.

“I didn’t love the fact that he rolled around in the dirt before I kissed him the third time, but it was painless,” Smith said. “I wouldn’t say I would do it again.”

The Boosterthon Run is a fundraising program that promotes character building and physical fitness. Every child participated in the run and received Bruster’s Ice Cream, regardless of if they received a pledge per lap, flat donation or neither. The program ran nine days and kids won prizes every day they ran.

This wasn’t Tofu’s first time visiting Lakeview, and by the sounds of it, it won’t be his last.

“He loves coming to school,” said Jones. “When he was smaller I would bring him a lot more often, but he loves the students and he squeals when its time to leave. He’s a really sweet boy.”