Piedmont Technical College

One of the barriers for education has been lowered at Piedmont Technical College.

Students enrolled in the spring and summer next years for at least six credit hours (typically two courses) will be eligible for the college’s no-cost tuition option.

Any academic program offered, whether certificate, diploma or degree will be available at no cost to South Carolina residents.

“For anyone on the sideline that has been contemplating going back to school or whether or not they’re going to be able to afford going to college, I’d like for them to know their tuition will be paid for,” Hope Rivers, president of Piedmont Tech, said Monday. “Go ahead and take that leap, come on over to Piedmont Tech and talk to us. Talk to us about the program you’re interested in and let’s get you signed up and ready to go.”

Rivers said this is available through a number of different funding sources, including federal, state and county funding, plus community funding for scholarships. The money was compiled and the realization that the school could cover the cost of tuition for students was made.

The tuition-free terms will make a difference for students and will also help the workforce needs in the area, Rivers said.

To qualify, students must complete a 2021-22 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or FAFSA waiver and have exhausted all other grants or scholarships.

The no-cost tuition option does not include books or supplies, nor does it cover tuition costs for transient students, which are students who are pursuing a degree at another college or university but taking certain classes at Piedmont Tech.

For information, visit ptc.edu/free. Eligible students include South Carolina residents who are adults with some or no college and recent high school graduates.

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