Singer/songwriter Don McLean shared his takeaways regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

“That’s affected everyone in the whole world, every country in the world. I don’t think we’re handling it any worse than anywhere else. I think it comes as a complete shock to everybody. …There will be a lot of psychological adjusting that will have to be done.”

But there is a brighter side to the pandemic, in McLean’s opinion. While he believes something will soon mitigate the pandemic, there is a potentially a positive environmental result.

Two points he wanted to share:

“Everybody in the world has been in their house now, and no one’s been driving their cars to speak of. And everything has stopped. And in a matter of a month, the biggest ozone hole in the world over Greenland has closed up. So we would never be able to have this kind of an experiment because nobody could ever make the whole world stop. But it happened.

“Look how fast the atmosphere repaired itself. So there’s no doubt about the fact that it repaired itself because there’s nobody out there creating any of these gases. So it’s really A good indication of the fact that we can do a lot of reversal if we change away from the internal combustion engine and get more toward hydrogen fuel, which is really the way to run cars, not electric. So that’s hopeful.

“No. 2, people are working from home so that commerce and business can continue at least at a level of at least 50%. Without that we would be absolutely screwed. So this happened a time when we were very fortunate to have these computers at this level. That’s gotta be enhanced going forward. We gotta have a fallback position. If we have anything like this again, we pull into our shell and we operate from our cave. We’ll have that plan, you see, which is like a wakeup call, dry run if you will, for things that may happen down the road, which will not even bother us, you know, we just do it. It may mean people will be home a few days a week now, be with families more. That’s good. That dynamic will change.

“The world is, unfortunately — I hate to say this — but you take the human race out of the equation the earth is pretty happy. It’s a sad comment, but we’re an odd species. I’ve never believed that the human race was an indigenous species. I think we’re something from somewhere else, I don’t really know why, but it seems to me that we’re very much rejected by the earth.”