McCORMICK — McCormick County Democrats honored former state Sen. Floyd Nicholson with a $500 donation to McCormick Backpack Ministry. The ministry is a nonprofit organization that collects food for McCormick County students. The gift will feed 100 children who might otherwise go hungry.

“We thank Senator Nicholson for his service,” Arthur Banks, of Backpack Ministry, said Friday during the opening prayer.

Every weekend, the children receive packages of food donated by organizations and churches in McCormick. Backpack Ministry collects and bags the food, which McCormick County School District employee Catherine Callahan distributes. They serve 74 children.

“I feel wonderful,” Kathie Essex, a volunteer at the Backpack Ministry, said. “We couldn’t do this without donations, no amount is too small.”

McCormick County Council members were present at the event. Board chairman Charles Jennings spoke about Nicholson’s service to McCormick and surrounding counties.

“We thank you for the job you have done,” Jennings said. “Thank you Backpack Ministry, for what you are doing.”

The donation came about when the county Democratic Party wanted to donate money to Floyd’s senate campaign this past election season. Nicholson said he would rather they donate it to the Backpack Ministry.

“Let’s help home first,” Nicholson said.

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