Three months after former Chairman James Bernard Moss’s death created a vacancy on McCormick County’s school board, Shay Blair-Franklin-Franklin was elected to his at-large seat in Tuesday’s special election.

“I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve,” Blair-Franklin-Franklin said. “It wasn’t something I was looking for, it was something I was guided into.”

Blair-Franklin will be sworn in Dec. 9.

“Mr. Moss was a great influence on the school board, he served and served with integrity,” Blair-Franklin said. “I want to show my respect to him”

Blair-Franklin, an insurance agent at Insurance Corner, is already thinking of ways to improve the school district, including offering teachers’ raises and reinstating choir, drama and home economics programs.

“There are some students who are not athletes but they love to sing. I want to reach that sector of kids that are maybe missing out because they are not being offered that thing that brings their creativity out,” Blair-Franklin said.

She also wants McCormick to communicate and support one another more, including coming to and spreading the word about school events.

Blair-Franklin was also pleased the board had already planned out a curriculum that was more cohesive from elementary to high school.

“I think that the board now have implemented some wonderful changes and I’m super excited,” Blair-Franklin said.