Outgoing Greenwood SC Chamber of Commerce CEO Angelle LaBorde will have one more award to pack up and display when she lands in Lexington to take the role as its Chamber CEO.

LaBorde was honored as a Distinguished Citizen by the Blue Ridge Council of the Boy Scouts of America during the 2020 Greenwood Friends of Scouting Benefit Dinner on Friday night.

Incoming Self Family Foundation president and friend to LaBorde, Mamie Nicholson, introduced and presented the award.

“She flew in here on Hurricane Katrina and she has never slowed down,” Nicholson said of LaBorde. “It blew her here and she’s been blowing us around ever since.”

Nicholson reminded the attendees of LaBorde’s accomplishments during her 14 years with the Chamber.

The night was also filled with laughter as Nicholson recounted driving with LaBorde to Winthrop University a number of times in pursuit of a certification in nonprofit management.

“She’d drive and I’d drive and then when she would talk too much I would make her sit over there and take a nap,” Nicholson said. “If you are trapped in a car with Angelle, your ears need a break.”

Nicholson said LaBorde’s path to receiving this award began in elementary school where she got her involvement in clubs.

“I’m very honored and humbled to be recognized by the Blue Ridge Council Boy Scouts,” LaBorde said. “I never thought that I would be their honoree of this very special recognition.”

LaBorde said the community needs good leaders and implored attendees to continue supporting the Boy Scouts.

“It’s been an honor to represent the Chamber of Commerce, the city and county of Greenwood and to serve the citizens of our community,” she said.

On April 15, LaBorde announced that she would be leaving Greenwood to take on a similar position with the Lexington, South Carolina Chamber and Visitors Center. Today is LaBorde’s last day.

Retired Gen. Chuck Fox said that he hasn’t gotten over LaBorde’s move to Lexington and wanted to start a petition to keep her in Greenwood. Someone in the audience shouted that he thought LaBorde could run both the Greenwood and Lexington Chambers.

During the benefit dinner, scouts, volunteers and scout leadership spoke about experiences and activities the Boy Scouts had participated in and asked for donations to keep the scouts funded.

At the beginning of the event, Greenwood County Councilman Theo Lane was invited to the stage to recognize the corporate sponsors of the dinner. Lane said prior to the event the scouts received more than $20,000 toward their fundraising goal.