Food delivery services seemed to appear overnight in Greenwood, said T.J. Jenks.

Jenks, general manager at Montague’s, said he realized his restaurant was on DoorDash about three months ago and noticed how many other local restaurants were listed on there.

“We were just trying to figure out what to eat and we had been getting DoorDash orders at the restaurant,” he said. “So I went through the app and ordered a steak. I knew we were busy, so I knew my staff wasn’t going to like it.”

He said he didn’t believe the projected wait time of 45 minutes — it would take his staff that long alone to prepare the meal, he said. But without a minute to spare, the meal arrived at his doorstep at home and he had a steak, cooked medium, with vegetables and fries delivered to his home.

DoorDash is one of several food delivery services that have cropped up in the past few years, offering an app or browser-based ordering system that allows people to get food delivered from restaurants that don’t normally offer delivery service. There are about 50 restaurants listed on DoorDash from the Greenwood area, though several have not become active yet, while other services like GrubHub and UberEats list a few restaurants each.

Chick-fil-A has become corporate partners with DoorDash, landing them and other fast food restaurants in town a sticker with the company’s logo on their drive-through windows. Tyler Lowe, general manager of the Chick-fil-A location at 213 Highway 72 Bypass, said the partnership has been a boon.

“It’s honestly been very good for us,” he said. “You know people love Chick-fil-A, so getting it delivered right to your door is a no-brainer.”

Hungry customers browse through the app of their service of choice, select their order and place it through the app or website. Then a driver — locals who have applied to be drivers through the delivery service — accepts the job and picks up the order from the restaurant, bringing it to the customer. Lowe hadn’t used the service himself, but he said browsing the app surprised him.

“There’s a lot more options out there than you’d think,” he said.

Jenks said he expects delivery services like these are here to stay in Greenwood, and they still have plenty of room to grow. He’s ordered through DoorDash about 20 times now and said he’s seen people of all ages and walks of life driving for the company.

“I think it will be really appealing for people who just need some spare income,” he said.

As a dad, he said it’s been convenient on nights when he and his wife get home and have their hands too full to cook. For a while, delivery options were dominated by pizza places, but now he said the variety is appealing.

“Always tip in cash,” he said. “That’s my main advice for anyone using these services.”

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