Zane Dimiati and Clyde Cunningham prep for Friday’s lunch service at Kickers in Greenwood. Kickers will be featured in SCETV’s “Backroad Bites” this fall.

A South Carolina Educational Television film crew paid Kickers a visit Thursday afternoon to shoot footage for a new series on restaurants around the state.

The new series, “Backroad Bites,” will feature 10 South Carolina eateries and is scheduled to air this fall. Though episodes will likely run five minutes each, SCETV digital media manager and producer Tabitha Safdi said her film crew spent all Thursday in Greenwood to capture Kickers and the city around the Edgefield Street restaurant.

“The end piece is probably going to be about five minutes, but whenever we’re shooting or whenever we’re filming a location, we spend an entire day here....” Safdi said. “We want to try to highlight not just Kickers, but the entire community of Greenwood.”

On “Backroad Bites” itself, Safdi said inspiration came from “ETV Roadshow,” an old SCETV series which traveled the state to tell the stories of South Carolina locales big and small. Episodes, still available on YouTube, featured the Abbeville Opera House, the Burt-Stark Mansion and Calhoun Falls.

“Backroad Bites” will seek to capture the same spirit as “ETV Roadshow,” this time through local cuisine.

Safdi said she first visited Kickers last year when an SCETV crew came to town to film a documentary on the Greenwood Community Theatre’s Penguin Project. When the crew became hungry, multiple residents and even the city itself recommended Kickers.

“Whenever we were thinking about a food series, we thought it was kind of a unique place that we would like to kind of learn more about,” Safdi said.

Kickers owner Abdel Dimiati said he received a call about filming at Kickers a few weeks before SCETV traveled to Greenwood. His reaction?

“Wow!” Dimiati said. “I was excited.”

For Thursday’s filming, Kickers’ lunch specials included sweet potato clam chowder and African peanut soups among its six of the day and off-menu items that must be asked for by name – notably, the seasonal deep-fried sassafras, so named for its resemblance to South Carolina’s highest point, Sassafras Mountain.

“I did try to do so many different specials, so I was trying to do some of the favorites that people like that are not on the menu,” Dimiati said.

“Backroad Bites” will air on the SCETV Facebook page this fall. Alongside Kickers, the series will feature these South Carolina eateries:

  • Juniper, Ridge Spring
  • Miller’s Bread Basket, Blackville
  • SunnySide Cafe, Clemson
  • Aunny’s Country Kitchen, Georgetown
  • Kitchen 27, Ridgeville
  • Boats N Hoagies, McClellanville
  • Charlene’s Home Cooking, Moore
  • The River’s Edge, Cheraw