State officials reprimanded a Greenwood attorney after the attorney reportedly had an affair with a client he represented in a divorce case.

Jennings B. Anderson, of Nicholson, Meredith & Anderson, was publicly reprimanded April 21 by the disciplinary counsel of the state Judicial Department. According to the filed reprimand, a client hired him in 2018 to represent her in a divorce case, and he helped her with several provisions in family court.

In spring 2019, Anderson and the client began an affair.

“Client and respondent had discussions about the future of their relationship and potential marriage,” the reprimand said. “Respondent told client that he could face sanctions for engaging in a sexual relationship with her. Respondent failed to advise client about the significant potential harm to her in her divorce action because of the relationship.”

The family court resolved the divorce matter Aug. 16, 2019, and Anderson called his client and ended the affair 10 days later, citing “multiple reasons, both professional and personal,” the reprimand said. He reported his own misconduct to the disciplinary counsel on Sept. 5, 2019.

The counsel decided to publicly reprimand Anderson for his misconduct, and required him to pay the costs of investigating and prosecuting this matter.