The Greenwood Commissioners of Public Works approved raises for all employees and commissioners.

The Greenwood Commissioners of Public Works approved a 2.5% pay increase for all employees and commissioners.

Also during Thursday’s regular meeting, the commissioners approved merit increases for all eligible employees that were approved in the 2020 budget.

“Greenwood CPW employees have shown exceptional dedication to their jobs and provided the highest level of service to our customers,” CPW General Manager Jeff Meredith said in an email after the meeting.

Earlier in the meeting, Commissioner Mike Monaghan asked Meredith about rate increases from Transco Pipeline, the company that CPW purchases the majority of its gas from. “The gas rates themselves, we are working on that,” Meredith said. Once rates are finalized, Meredith said he will review them with staff.

“Some of the money will go back to the customers because of the rate,” Meredith said. He said that CPW kept its capacity credits instead of giving those back and that helped make up the gap. Meredith said all of that will be looked at when looking at rate increases from Transco.

The discussion between Meredith and Monaghan stems from the Transco rate case that was filed a few years ago, Meredith explained in a follow-up email. He said that the discussion was not about CPW rates increasing.

The commissioners also approved extending their audit agreement with Mauldin and Jenkins as well as approving the painting of sludge holding basins, flocculator units and buying a water quality monitoring panel.

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