U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham honored veterans at the Greenwood County Veterans Center as a part of the “Salute to Veterans” celebration, but before that, he talked about hot-button political topics such as gun control, impeachment and controversy surrounding former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley’s memoir.

In reference to gun control, Graham said he supports grant programs for law enforcement who deal with the mentally ill.

“I believe in due process, but I believe the cops need to be able to go to judges when they find people who are a danger to themselves and others, not a federal law, but grants for the states,” Graham said.

Graham also acknowledged the need for background checks at gun shows if firearms are commercially sold.

“I’m a proud gun owner and we need laws that protect not only gun laws but the public at large,” Graham said.

Graham also addressed the impeachment debacle surrounding President Donald Trump.

“Impeachment is drowning everything out, and it’s a shame. I think what’s going on with impeachment is a partisan exercise. I read the phone call transcript for myself, I’m fine with what the president did. I supported Mueller because I thought he was a serious man, I think what’s happening now is just a partisan exercise,” Graham said.

He also mentioned how the public isn’t hearing about trade agreements that should be passed due to the impeachment fiasco.

“We got a great trade agreement in with Canada and Mexico that would boost our economy; we got bipartisan prescription drug legislation to lower prices,” Graham said.

Graham offered his opinion on Haley’s memoir that accuses former U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson of undermining President Trump.

“I think Nikki did a great job but I’m not a big fan of books that talk about private conversations, administrations — I think it makes it pretty hard for people to serve if they think what they say is going to be in a book. I really like her, and respect her, but I’m not really into these after-the-fact books,” Graham said.

During his speech at the celebration, he also talked about the maturation of his relationship with Trump.

“I found common ground; I’ve come to like him, and he likes him. That pretty much gives us a lot to talk about,” joked Graham.

Graham emphasized his plan for strengthening the army, and he announced that legislation is about to pass the largest military budget in 30 years.

“As long as I’m around we’re going to a have a military that nobody wants to tangle with unless they’re crazy,” Graham said

Republican Executive Committeewoman Jo Anne Burroughs gave Graham a basket of fresh-baked cookies after his speech.

“I am glad to be home where people really have got it right. Greenwood, South Carolina has got it right. This is what makes this place special,” Graham said.