After spending the past few days assailing his Democratic colleagues on social media for launching an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan is ready to take legislative action.

On Tuesday, the 3rd District Republican signed on as a co-sponsor to a House resolution “condemning and censuring” California Democrat Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona is the title sponsor of H. Res. 604.

In a Facebook post explaining his support for the cause, Duncan said Schiff “egregiously manufactured a false transcript” of a conversation between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky.

On Sept. 24, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the chamber would move forward with impeachment proceedings. At the center of the probe is a July 25 phone call between the two presidents, during which Trump asks Zelensky for help gathering potentially damaging information on former Vice President Joe Biden, a frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination next summer.

Sometime between that call and Aug. 12, a CIA officer filed a whistleblower complaint, alleging misconduct by the president during the call.

Schiff’s committee on Sept. 26 issued a redacted version of the complaint.

Duncan, who regularly uses his Facebook page to weigh in on policy issues, has issued several lengthy statements defending the president.

“This impeachment attempt has no merit based in FACT. Just the Democrat hatred for Donald Trump, his policies which are lessening too many Americans’ dependence on government. Their field of candidates is weak and they are panicking over the possibility of Donald Trump winning re-election for another four years. This looks like desperation to me,” Duncan said on Sept. 29.

A day after Pelosi said Democrats would move forward their inquiry, Duncan responded this way:

“None of what Democrats told the American people happened on the call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky was true. No quid pro quo, no talk of aid, no crimes committed. They moved to impeach him yesterday before they even knew the facts. Just like the Russian collusion fairy tale, the Democrats are clinging to the next NON-smoking-gun because they want President Trump ousted. So, what’s the defense of their reckless impeachment pursuit now? Oh well, they just hate the guy.”

The House resolution goes beyond partisan criticism of how Schiff handled information after the phone call, accusing him of spreading “false accusations” for more than two years about ties between the Trump administration and Russian operatives.

“Whereas, members of the Intelligence Committee have lost faith in his objectivity and capabilities as Chairman, with every Republican member on the Committee having signed a letter calling for his immediate resignation as Chairman; and Whereas, Chairman Schiff has hindered the ability of the Intelligence Committee to fulfill its oversight responsibilities of the Intelligence Community, an indispensable pillar of our national security,” the resolution states in part.

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