Greenwood High School senior Braylen McCurry is one step closer to serving in the military, something he’s dreamt of since the seventh grade.

McCurry and 78 other early graduates from Greenwood and Emerald high schools walked across the stage in Emerald’s gymnasium Thursday evening for the 2020 mid-year graduation ceremony.

Greenwood High School senior Bra’Daja Jackson said graduating early was an accomplishment that she wanted to have, and she’s now on her way to accomplishing her goal of becoming a neonatal nurse.

Another Greenwood High graduate, Tristin Evans, thinks her graduating early is crazy.

“I don’t even know how to explain it,” she said. “I made it so far so quick.”

Evans is looking to go into the medical field after college.

Pablo Lara said graduating early from Greenwood High “means a lot.”

“I been through a lot my whole life, took so many loses,” he said. “It feels great to make my family proud.”

Lara’s plan is to go straight to college, and he’s doing just that, he is currently enrolled at Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood.

Sandy Salgado said graduating early “feels amazing.”

The Greenwood High senior wants to become a registered nurse after college.

District 50 has let their seniors graduate early since 2003, and 2020 marks another year of the district’s seniors walking towards their futures — just a little earlier than their peers.

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