International Cafe

Several people reported getting sick after eating at International Cafe.

After investigating reports that several patrons became sick after eating at a Greenwood restaurant, the state Department of Health and Environmental Control determined the source of the illness and has since given the eatery an A sanitation rating.

“DHEC has completed its investigation of multiple cases of gastrointestinal illness associated with a meal at International Café,” the agency said in an email. “The investigation, prompted by complaints from patrons, determined the bacteria, Bacillus cereus, was related with the illness.”

The bacteria is often linked to fried rice dishes that have been sitting at room temperature for too long, which is why some refer to illness associated with it as “fried rice syndrome.”

Those who got ill ate at International Café on Sept. 19. An inspection two days later found restaurant kept rice cooked that day in large pans in a cooler in a back room as part of a citation for improper cooling temperatures. The rice was discarded and a subsequent inspection on Sept. 29 determined the restaurant was in compliance.

It received a 100% sanitation score in the follow-up inspection.