Trial 01 (copy)

Circuit Judge Brooks Goldsmith started vetting more than 90 potential jurors on Monday, and the process continued throughout Tuesday as the court prepared for the trial of the six men charged in connection with the 2018 shooting at Greenwood Mall.

Ensuring a fair trial was the court’s priority Tuesday, as it spent all day vetting the dozens of potential jurors who will decide the fates of the six men on trial in connection with the 2018 shooting at Greenwood Mall.

The case returned to court Monday after a July attempt to bring the six men’s charges to trial ended with the judge voiding their indictments. Shyheim Alston, Shyheim Freeman, Shyheim Reed, Narkevious Reid, Isaiah Whatley and Antonio Williams Jr. were in court Tuesday as retired Circuit Court Judge Brooks Goldsmith spent the day vetting the jury pool by asking what information each potential juror had been exposed to about this case.

As Brooks asked these questions to potential jurors one at a time, the defendants’ attorneys and 8th Circuit Solicitor David Stumbo listened on, gathering information that will help them decide which jurors to strike from the list today.

Court is set to continue at 9:30 a.m., with each side getting to strike a number of jurors to decide on a final jury, with alternates.

Then, after hearing any motions that get filed, the court will be set to hear opening arguments.

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