From booms to taps to bops and baps, the sounds were as varied as the colors on the custom-made drums the children were playing Friday at the United Center for Community Care.

Throughout the week, a selection of Greenwood County School District 50 students from Brewer Middle School and Woodfields Elementary made their own custom drums. This event was the culmination of a partnership between the school district, the United Way of Greenwood and Abbeville Counties and Giving Tree Music.

Steven Turner, founder of Giving Tree Music, is a drum maker who brought his skills to bear by leading the students in making their own custom-painted drums. Then, after they had time to dry, students were bused to the United Center for Community Care, where Turner led them in a drum circle.

It was hard to spot a face without a smile — between the children and the adults in the room Friday, everyone was thrilled to hear the rhythms the students came up with.

Turner uses these drum circles as a way to provide emotional and social lessons to the children, as well as to encourage them to explore creatively. These lessons are key to the United Way’s campaign to provide educational resources and support for children throughout the community, said CEO and president Marisel Losa.