A traffic stop by the Greenwood Police Department resulted in a Greenwood man facing gun and drug charges on Saturday.

James Carter, 49, of 714 Taggart Ave., was charged with possession of firearm or ammunition by person convicted of a violent felony, escape/aiding escape from custody of officers, sale or deliver of pistol to, and possession by, certain persons unlawful – stolen pistol, driving without a license, possession of cocaine, simple possession of marijuana, and violation of city ordinance on Saturday.

According to police, an officer was at the intersection of Baptist Avenue and Green Street and saw a car approach the intersection of Clover and Green streets. The driver disregarded the stop sign and failed to use a turn signal, the officer reported.

An open bottle of liquor and a handgun were found in the car. The gun was not loaded and the driver did not have a concealed weapons permit.

Police said Carter cannot legally possess a gun because he has multiple felony convictions, including a 1996 conviction for armed robbery. The gun was determined to be stolen, police said.

While in holding, Carter complained his handcuffs were digging into his wrists. His handcuffs were moved from the back to the front. He then began to flee and was taken down by officers. While being searched by jail staff, a powder substance that tested positive for cocaine was found, police said. A bag of suspected marijuana was also reported to be found in his mouth.