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A man repeatedly punched a Greenwood County deputy after being stunned with a Taser, according to a report.

William Courtney Taylor, 33, of 101 Bell Circle, Greenwood was arrested June 9 and charged with resisting arrest with assault on officer and second-degree assault and battery.

At about 6:30 a.m. June 9, a 911 caller reported a man walking in the 1300 block of Florida Avenue with a stick who had approached a nearby residence. Dispatchers told Greenwood County deputy Sean Fry a man was walking in the roadway carrying a stick, and radio communication transcribed in the report said the man had been by a residence in the area and a resident wanted to know why the man came by.

The man was no longer at the residence and was walking down Florida Avenue when Fry found him and got his date of birth, the report said. While Fry was waiting for dispatchers to check the man’s information, the man started to walk away. Fry asked him to stop, but the man continued walking to his residence on Bell Circle, less than a mile away.

The man stopped in the yard of his residence, waving the stick in his hand, the report said. Fry drew and pointed his Taser, and the man eventually discarded the stick and got on the ground facing down — by this time dispatchers had checked the man’s information, and the report said he was clear of any outstanding warrants. Fry told the man to put his hands behind his back multiple times, but the man repeatedly refused, and the report said Fry did a drive stun with his Taser against the man’s back.

Following the stun, the man got up, turned around and repeatedly punched Fry in the face until the deputy was able to get the man’s hands cuffed. The report said deputies responding to the scene to assist saw a large cut above Fry’s left eye, an apparently broken nose and other cuts around his ear.

Greenwood County Sheriff Dennis Kelly said Fry was off for a few days while he recovered and has been back at work since Monday. He said officers are trained to use their discretion when determining whether to use force in detaining someone, and that Fry used his Taser to ensure his safety. The report noted that the man had appeared to be “reaching for something in his pants” prior to reaching his residence, but doesn’t say he had anything on him except the stick — which Kelly said the man discarded prior to being stunned with the Taser.

The Index-Journal initially requested the report detailing Taylor’s arrest on June 10, but it remained a secured record until it was released Wednesday.