Greenwood police -- tighter crop

A 1-year-old was given Narcan at the hospital after accidentally ingesting a pill with fentanyl in it, according to a report.

Greenwood police were called out early Wednesday morning to a Grier Street residence after a 911 hangup, and dispatchers said the caller was trying to report an overdose. Officers found a woman holding a baby that was upset and had constricted pupils — a sign of drug use, the report said.

The officer had Narcan in case the baby’s condition worsened, and EMS were called out to help. They took the child to Self Regional Medical Center for care, where staff gave the baby Narcan for her symptoms, then took her to a Greenville hospital for further treatment.

At the house, police reported seeing a mattress on the living room floor with blue pills and powdered residue on it; one of the pills appeared wet. Officers spotted half a blue pill beside the mattress.

A man there told police he had been sitting beside the bed playing video games while the baby and a woman slept on the mattress. He told officers the pills were fentanyl.

The woman who had been sleeping on the mattress with the baby told officers she woke up to the man yelling about the baby taking pills. Another woman said she was in the kitchen and was alerted when she heard the yelling, then saw the baby acting unusually — laughing and crying in a way that seemed abnormal.

Eventually, the woman who had been asleep told officers they pulled a blue pill from the child’s mouth, which was why it appeared wet to officers. Police arrested the man and woman who had been near the baby, along with another man who came over and had an outstanding warrant, the report said.

Christopher Trey Adams, 23, and Savanna Braye Bulter, 22, both of 615 Grier St., Greenwood were arrested Wednesday and charged with unlawful conduct toward a child, and Butler was also charged with a probation violation. Joseph Steven Hunt, 50, of 55 Wisewood Drive, Greenwood was also arrested and charged with a probation violation and false name and/or date of birth.