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Muaeen Fawaz Abdulla, 23, of 1222 Saint Johns Place, Brooklyn, New York was arrested Monday and charged with third-degree assault and battery and indecent exposure.

The night clerk at a hotel along Birchtree Drive called 911 to report an overnight guest sitting in the lobby, fondling himself while trying to convince her to have sex with him, according to a report. The clerk said she was uneasy around the man, so she locked herself in the kitchen hoping he would go back to his room, but he stayed and made directly sexual comments to her.

The woman became afraid and went to a room of the hotel her boyfriend was staying in, but the man followed her with his genitals exposed, talking about sex acts he was going to perform on her, the report said. She eventually drew a handgun and ordered him to back away as she got to safety and called 911.

When officers arrived, the man denied having his genitals exposed and said he thought the woman had been flirting with him, the report said. Officers noted he admitted to drinking alcohol and his story of what happened was not consistent.