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A Greenwood woman is facing an assault charge after officers said it appeared she drove into another car, then attacked the woman inside it, according to a report.

Raja Brejahe Searles, 19, of 504 Kirksey Drive West, Greenwood was arrested Friday and charged with high and aggravated assault and battery.

Greenwood police were called out to a wreck Aug. 31 on Blyth Road where, in the aftermath of the wreck, people were arguing in the roadway near a Chevrolet Impala and a Lexus SUV, the report said.

The woman driving the Lexus said the Impala driver swerved in the road, sparking the wreck. Police noted she and the other driver had a falling out, and the Lexus driver said the other driver had followed her, and although she stopped to let the other woman pass, they collided. The report said then a group of people came up and began attacking the Lexus driver.

The Impala driver, however, said the woman in the Lexus had been following her through a nearby neighborhood. When they were coming down Blyth Road, the Lexus began coming into her lane and though she stopped the Impala to avoid a collision, the Lexus crossed lanes and struck her, the report said. She said the Lexus driver then got out of her vehicle and began attacking the Impala’s driver who was still in her car.

Officers viewed video of the collision the following day, and saw the Impala brake ahead of the wreck and come to a stop before the Lexus crosses out of its lane to strike the Impala. The report said the Lexus driver gets out and tries to open the Impala door, but a group of people from a separate vehicle get out and begin attacking the Lexus driver.

The woman in the Impala told officers she didn’t know who the other people were, but officers noted she never got out of her vehicle.