Greenwood police -- tighter crop

A call about suspicious cars at a gas station led Greenwood police to a bag of marijuana, according to a report.

Odarious Dyquan Reid, 23, of 111 Wheatfield Drive, Greenwood was arrested Saturday and charged with distribution of marijuana and open container in vehicle.

At about 10 p.m. Saturday, Greenwood police were called to investigate two suspicious cars that had parked at the same gas pump at a Bypass 72 gas station, but the drivers had not stepped out of their vehicles, the repot said. Officers watched as the driver of one vehicle went over to the window of the other, seemed to reach inside, then head back to his vehicle.

Officers followed and eventually stopped the man when he left the gas station, and a search of his car found about 15 grams of what appeared to be marijuana and a total of more than $1,300 in cash, the report said.