Greenwood police -- tighter crop

Greenwood police found a plastic bag of cocaine in a man’s shoe, according to a report.

Sylvelis Gevon Wright, 40, of 116 Balsam Lane, Greenwood was arrested Monday and charged with trafficking cocaine.

At about 1:30 a.m. Monday, Greenwood police patrolling near Reynolds Avenue spotted a truck without tag lights and stopped the driver, the report said. The driver didn’t have his license, nor the registration or insurance for the vehicle, and said the truck belonged to a friend’s relative.

As officers spoke with the driver, a passenger in the back seat was leaned over and moving as if attempting to hide something by his feet, the report said. Officers asked him to show his hands, but he continued reaching down, so police removed him from the vehicle and detained him.

After frisking him, and officer noticed a smell of marijuana and the man told police he was around others who were smoking earlier that night. Officers searched him, and one officer spotted a plastic bag with an off-white powder tucked inside his right shoe, the report said.

Police also noted they found $1,432 in cash in the man’s pocket and a digital scale. The bag of powder tested positive for cocaine, and weighed nearly 30 grams.