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Note to our readers:

On Wednesday, April 28, 2021, the Index-Journal resumed posting galleries from the daily jail intake reports from the Greenwood County Detention Center but with two changes.

First, we are delaying reporting on charges until the person has appeared before a magistrate, which has seldom been the case for those booked overnight. While our reporting has accurately reflected the charges that officers gave to jail staff during the booking process, there have been instances where a magistrate has issued warrants that differed from the initially sought charges.

This delays our reporting on some arrests, which still happens each weekday morning except during some holidays, but guarantees the information is as accurate as possible.

Second, the Index-Journal bookings gallery only includes those who are arrested on felony counts.

For a host of misdemeanor counts, it is at the discretion of law enforcement whether someone is ticketed or taken to jail. While circumstances might govern whether an officer takes one person to the detention center on a particular charge but not another, that difference is often arbitrary from a reporting standpoint. Therefore, we will only include felony arrests.

Along with these changes, we have continued two modifications we made earlier in the year: using a generic image to preview each gallery instead of singling out one person and sunsetting galleries after two weeks so we don't make an enduring record of a charge when a court has not found the person guilty.

Anyone who has charges dropped, pleads to and is found guilty of a different charge or has his or her record expunged should contact us at Amendments to previous reporting on any crime will be considered on a case-by-case basis and only with appropriate, official documentation.

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