Mathis Road closing at Cobb

Barriers on Mathis Road prevent drivers from turning left off Cobb Road onto a stretch of Mathis that runs behind Trinity Pentecostal Holiness Church.

A portion of Mathis Road off Bypass 72 in Greenwood will remain inaccessible until the early part of 2020, officials said this week.

“The county will be bidding the construction part of the project beginning in July and bids are expected to be due by Aug.1. Provided all goes well with bidding and a contract is signed by the end of August, construction on the road/culvert could begin as early as late September or early October. Construction is expected to last six months, which would put completion of the project in the early part of spring,” County Engineer Rob Russian said.

In July 2018, the intersection of Mathis Road and Webb Avenue was closed after a corrugated metal pipe running underneath it failed.

Officials hoped to have repair work done by this summer, but a hydrology report concluded that a “substantial upgrade” was needed. Funding was secured through the Greenwood County Transportation Committee.

“We are finishing up the acquisition of the right-of-way for the project. This has taken longer than expected and has pushed back the schedule on the project. CPW will begin relocating the large gas line in the next few weeks. The relocation of the gas line is expected to be complete by early September if the weather cooperates,” Russian said.

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