ABBEVILLE — Abbeville County School District Superintendent Julie Fowler receives $130,000 each year, according to a copy of her employment contract.

The board of trustees agreed to a contract with Fowler a week after Superintendent Betty Jo Hall in a wreck Aug. 8.

As Hall’s second-in-command in the district, Fowler took the reins the day after Hall’s death and was voted in as superintendent Aug. 13. Only three trustees voted against her promotion, saying they wanted to conduct a standard superintendent search. The contract is dated Aug. 15.

The contract establishes a schedule of evaluations to be conducted by the board of trustees.

Fowler and the board will meet within 90 days of Aug. 13 to set the year’s goals and objectives. They will meet again sometime before Jan. 31 for an informal review. Official evaluations will begin November 2020 and happen in the same month each year thereafter.

According to the contract, Fowler will not be given automatic salary increases after a positive performance review.

She is entitled to “all benefits of administrative employees of the district” such as sick leave, health and life insurance, vacation, choice of tax-sheltered annuities and retirement programs, but will be granted an additional five days of vacation each year “due to the unique nature of her job responsibilities.”

In addition to her salary, Fowler will be provided with a smartphone, tablet and laptop which she “may use in the performance of her duties and for reasonable use.”

The district will cover several of Fowler’s expenses as well.

She will also be given a $600 monthly car stipend “to cover her expenses related to travel in and around the district” and will be reimbursed for professional travel outside the district “pursuant to board policy.”

And dues to the American Association of School Administrators, South Carolina Association of School Administrators “and any other professional group membership which the superintendent believes is necessary to maintain and improve her professional skills.”

Trustees can also terminate Fowler’s contract with a 6-3 vote but will have to pay her severance equal to one year’s “total compensation.”

Fowler’s contract runs through June 30, 2021.

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