Thanksgiving is the day for gratitude and good food. On Thursday, both were easy to find.

An assembly line at Holloway’s Grocery provided meals for people who came by the store — a plate filled with Turkey Day fare, topped with a dessert.

Owner Gloria Daniel said she’s been making Thanksgiving meals to give away since 2013. She mentioned one year she almost shut down. “And the Lord told me, said ‘feed,’” she said. “And I said ‘Lord, how am I going to feed, I can’t feed myself. He said ‘feed.’

“So I’ve been feeding ever since, been getting help for it.”

A mile away, the Greenwood Soup Kitchen was providing food as well — a plate of turkey casserole, sweet potatoes, rolls, cranberry sauce and pie.

Norman Fawcett, chairman of the soup kitchen’s board of directors, said the soup kitchen usually does a four-course turkey meal. “St. Mark’s Men’s Club fries up 20 turkeys, we carve them and our guests sit at the tables here and we serve them restaurant-style,” he said.

“We haven’t been able to do that the last two years, so last year and this year we made a turkey casserole, so it’s going to be a hot meal, but it’s going to be a take-home meal.”

He guessed the soup kitchen would be able to feed about 140 people.

“It’s a special meal for our guests on Thanksgiving,” Fawcett said.

“Unfortunately it’s not the full turkey meal they’re used to, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that next year we’re going to go back to that.”

Holloway’s Grocery and the soup kitchen were just two of many local organizations and businesses that helped feed people this Thanksgiving.

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