It can be hard to beat the heat in summer, and for the elderly or people without air conditioning, hot weather can quickly turn dangerous.

That’s where Yvonne Cook and Edith Childs stepped in Wednesday when they sat under the shelter at Magnolia Park and gave away free box fans to those in need. The event, known as Project Cool Down, was the product of the two women seeing a need in their community and working to address it.

“We saw a need for the people during this time of extreme heat,” Cook said. “This is just a little bit of something that we can do to help. It’s never too late to be out and do something for the people.”

The two began looking for fan donations in the middle of July, and received in-box fans from Firestone auto care, Maxway, Lowe’s, Walmart, Dollar General and even from the staff at Leath Correctional Institution, Childs said.

“We know that there’s a need for people to have a fan, especially our seniors,” Childs said. “Many of our seniors don’t even have the money to get a fan.”

Cook said she liked the idea of the giveaway being out in public and inviting people from the nearby neighborhood to come and hang out for a while. She said by talking one-on-one with the people she was helping, she could get a better understanding of what their needs were.

The two women sat at Magnolia Park from noon to 2 p.m. and said if they had any fans left, they would take them to the Piedmont Agency on Aging and other organizations that serve the elderly. Anyone interested in donating or otherwise helping is encouraged to call Childs at 864-227-9511, or Cook at 864-344-1012.

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