McCormick County School District's Board of Trustees seats are at-large seats, so the unofficial results for the top four vote-getters elected in the county who were elected to the board are Karen Beckner, Christine Lee, Heather McNally and James Bernard Moss.

Incumbents George Yeldell and Eddie Talbert were unseated in the race.

A total of seven candidates ran for the four seats. Lee received 2,228 votes, McNally received 2,164 votes, Beckner received 1,759 votes, Moss received 1,887 votes, Yeldell received 1,711 votes, Talbert received 1,652 and Don Tummons received 1,211 votes.

Beckner, 58, has lived in McCormick since 2001 and works at Midlands Prosthetics and Orthotics in Augusta, Georgia. She has served on the school board since 2012 and has been chairwoman for one year.

"As always, I'm happy to be elected to serve on the board again and move the school district forward," Beckner said.

Lee, 68, is retired and has lived in McCormick for five years but has been involved with the community for 10 years, when her husband started pastoring Spirit and Life Community Church.

"I am just absolutely thrilled and I'm already looking to be all that I can be on the school board," Lee said. "I want to be held accountable, and I'll be open for criticism, for encouragement, whatever."

McNally, 35, has lived in McCormick for nine years after moving from northern Virginia and works as director of programming and communications at the McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah.

"I'm thrilled. I greatly appreciate having the support of my community and I look forward to just continuing to try to add value to McCormick as it grows and develops," McNally said. "I look forward to advance education and enrichment opportunities and really creating a network of open communication and constant collaboration. So I'm excited -- I think there are some good opportunities ahead and I am certainly only one part of a team, but I have a good, strong feeling for McCormick's future."

Moss, 53, has lived only in McCormick and owns B&B Upholstery.

"I am honored and I am waiting for the official certifying of the votes, and I look forward to working on the school board and to continue with all the other school board members," Moss said. "And I am just ready to go to work."

Talbert, 71, has only lived in McCormick and is a retired principal of McCormick Elementary School. He served on the board for 18 years with the exception of four months where another person served in his seat.

"I enjoyed the time that I was on, and I did the best that I knew how to do when I was on, and I just hope those persons that were elected will work as hard as I did and will have the best interests of the students and the parents of McCormick County," Talbert said. "I give them all of my support and I wish them the best."

Yeldell, 60, has lived in McCormick since 1988 and is a retired principal of McCormick High School.

"I enjoyed my time on the board, and I feel like the district is moving forward," Yeldell said.

Don Tummons, 62, also ran for a seat and has lived in McCormick for 10 years and works as a respiratory therapist and teacher at Augusta University Medical Center.

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