Abbeville County will soon upgrade its computer system.

Monday night, County Council authorized the purchase of two servers from Computer Consultants & Merchants Inc. with money from a Local Emergency Management Performance grant.

“By purchasing these servers, we’re gonna be in the near future virtualizing our network,” County Director David Garner said.

Instead of buying laptops for every county employee, the county will purchase dummy terminals that will be connected to a central server. Garner said the average cost of a laptop purchased by the county is about $1,200. Dummy terminals would cost between $300 and $400.

In addition to cost-savings, Garner said the change would allow for “continuity of operations” as every action taken on the server would be backed up, protecting employees from losing their work.

Garner said the only downside would be that county employees would no longer have personal computers they could take home.

“The number of employees that need on-the-go access is so few and far in between, it makes (the terminals) worth it,” he said.

In other business:

The county will swap property with Abbeville Area Medical Center. In exchange for a county-owned doctor’s office at 901 W. Greenwood St., the county will receive $70,000 and a maintenance building, which will eventually become the county maintenance crew’s new base of operations.

The council approved a transfer of $50,000 from the county’s reserve fund to the animal shelter to ensure it has operating funds until money from a new levy is collected in the winter.

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