Hole 19 Properties LLC to Esterle, Frank Anthony, Lots 25 & 26, Eleven Acres, $15,000.

Anderson, Corrye Nell and Anderson, Corrye Nell Benjamin to Allen, Linda T., Lots 3 & 4, Flore Rearden Johnson Sub., $10,000.

Wilson, Robert D. and Wilson, Maria L. to Comeaux, Jerry Roy and Comeaux, Vicky Jo, Lot 15, Karlie Hill Townhouses, Ph. V, $99,000.

Comeaux, Jerry Roy and Comeaux, Vicky Jo and Comeaux, Jerry R. to Comeaux, Jerry Roy Trustee and Comeaux, Patience Elizabeth Residential Trust and Patience Elizabeth Comeaux Residential Trust, Lot 15, Karlie Hill Townhouses Ph V.

Bonsignore, Michael to Collins, Karen Thacker, Unit 303, The Clusters, $105,000.

Abercrombie, Elaine M. to Ouzts, Arianna A., Lot 125, Harris Plant Sub.

Highlander Land Company LLC to Castlerock Investors Group LLC, Parcels And Highlander Apartments, Phases 1 And 2.

Smith, Jerry and Smith, Jerry R. to Smith, Jerry R. and Abrams, John Robert, Parcels County.

Barreto, Robert and Hicks, Robert to MCK Development Company LLC, Lot No. 175, Phase II, Newport Sub., $57,000.

Palmetto Crossings Construction LLC to Golden, Robert and Golden, Suzanne, Lot 107, The Cottages At Palmetto Crossing, Phase One, $75,000.

Kelley, Jeffrey Nelson Trustee and Kelley, Jenifer Steely Trustee and Kelley Family Revocable Living Trust to Paden, Scott R. and Paden, Merri M., Tract County, $326,000.

Casterock Investors Group LLC and Castlerock Investors Group LLC to Highland Forest Holdings LLC, Parcels County, $1,400,000.

Bell, Cheryl F. to Bell, James Earl and Bell, James Bradford and Bell, Robert Brian, Tract A, Woodlawn Road.

Herndon, Charles H. III to Brooks, Lynn Herndon Trustee and Brooks, James R. Sr. Trustee and Brooks, James R. Sr. Revocable Trust and James R. Brooks Sr. Revocable Trust and Brooks, Lynn Herndon Revocable Trust and Lynn Herndon Brooks Revocable Trust, Lots 3 And 4-B, County.

Moore, Furman Randy to Babb, Rodney M., Lot 442, Sec. 3, Riegel Plant Sub.

Simpson, David John to Babb, Rodney M., Lot 442, Sec. 3, Riegel Plant Sub.

Wells, Thomas H. Per. Rep. and Godfrey, Roxie C. Estate and Roxie C. Godfrey Estate to Hayes, Anthony J., Unit 4-A, Old Mill Townhouses, $82,500.

Hall, Russell D. to Rebekah Nolt LLC, Lot 84, Abney Mills Sub. & Lot 71, Sec. 1, Mathews Plant Sub., $90,000.

Gavaletz, Deborah B, and Holden, John T. and Holden, Deborah B. to Gilmer, Bryce R. and Gilmer, Donna K., Lot 125, Stoney Point Sub., Sec. I, $412,000.

Monroe, Rick T. and Monroe, Cynthia A. to Mcdonald, Bruce Francis and Mc Donald, Bruce Francis and Allen, Wendy Jean, Parcel County, $148,217.

Miller, Mamie L. to Washington, Audrey, Lots 19 & 20, East End Heights Sub.

Miller, Audrey R. and Henderson, Audrey Renee and Washington, Audrey and Etheridge, Randy and Ethridge, Randy to Garcia, Eugenio Vega and Vega, Garcia Eugenio, Lots 18-20, County, $100,000.

Stoddard, Brian R. and Stoddard, Ann C. to Scott, Kenneth E. and Scott, Lacinda G., Lot 122, Belle Meade Sub., $199,000.

Keeler, Robert N. and Keeler, Marjorie F. to Wootten, Bradley Quelch and Owens, Rebecca Lynne, Lot 69, County, $115,000.

Schultz, Beverly Jean to Miller, Lisa A. and Miller, Tracy L, Lot 55, Summer Pointe, $185,000.

Hayes, Anthony and Domas, Dean to Gillespie, Nicholas D, and Gillespie, Anna S., Lot 6, Westgate Sub., $230,000.

Shields, Kenneth J. and Shields, Susan B. to Shields, Kenneth J, and Shields, Susan B., Lots 30 & 31, Broken Ridge Sub., Ph. I.

Wood, Fran L. to Wood, Fran L. and Harrison, Richard E. Jr., Parcel A, County.

Blackwell, Robert and Blackwell, Leslie and Blackwell, Catherine R. and Blackwell, Catherine C. and Hess, Catherine Corley Blackwell to Lanfair, Ralph L. and Hammond, Sherry, Lot 50, Pucketts Ferry Sub., $700,000.

Pearson, Steven Wayne and Pearson, Stephen Wayne to Gilmer, Kaylee Bryce, Lot 86, Harris Plant Sub., $110,000.

Papke, Raymond J. Sr. and Papke, Jane A. to Gregg, Janet L., Lot 92, Ph. II, Grand Harbor Sub., $669,203.

Bagwell, Charles D, and Bagwell, Barbara A. to Bartlett, Shawn M. and Bartlett, Deborah L., Lot C-31, Sec, C, Harborside Sub., $773,000.

Early, Erich Michael and Early, Michael D. to Krylov, Vladimir and Krylov, Viktor and Krylova, Zoya, Tracts A-1-A & A-1, Short Hills Farm, $95,000.

White, Betty Joyce to Dodgen, James R. Jr. and Dodgen, Rena Sue and Dodgen, Phillip Cary, Lot 7-B, Country Village Apartments.

Norman, Zachary L. and Lomax, Tempestt Jewel and Norman, Tempestt J. to Pal, Amanda J., Lot 1, Section A, Avalon Townhouses, Phase 1-B, $105,500.

Brown, Kathy Rushton to Brown, Lisa, Parcels County.

Butler, Joy Alexis to Uhl, Paul A. and Uhl, Vilette, Lot No. 11, Franklin Sub., $104,000.

Blease, M. C. to Price, Ronald Vincent Jr. and Price, Adele Kelly and Kelly, Dennis D, and Kelly, Karen M., Lot, Poplar Hill Road, $77,500.

Laughlin, Terry Franklin to Laughlin, Terry Franklin Jr., Tract 2, Marjorie Laughlin Estate Ridge Road.

Laughlin, Terry Franklin Jr. to Laughlin, Clifton C., Tract 4 And Tract 2, Marjorie Laughlin Estate Ridge Road, $0.

Laughlin, Terry Franklin to Shushok, Nancy Elizabeth, Tract 2 & Tract 3 & Tract 5, Ridge Road.

Noteboom, Hudson K. to Mcmillan, Haleigh Oneill and Mc Millan, Haleigh Oneill and Adams, Saint Kotay Jr., Lot 19, Lakewood Heights Sub., $200,000.

Davis, Stanley Heath to Davis, Riley E., Parcels County, $0.

D. R. Horton Inc. to Mcbride, Phonecia Quantwell and Mc Bride, Phonecia Quantwell, Lot 35, Milford Pines Sub., Ph. II, $230,490.

Randall, Lindsey Rumfelt By AIF and Randall, Joseph Thomas By AIF and Rumfelt, Mark Jeffery AIF to Dukes, Rita W., Parcel, Morgan Road/Luker Road, $140,000.

Graves, John E. D. III and Graves, Mary Keating and Graves, Gary M. to Graves, Robert Lee, Lot 27, Idlewood, $0.

Timms, Joshua Cain and Timms, April Lynn to Gospel Light Baptist Church Of Greenwood Inc., Lot 10 And 11, Brookside, $0.

Provision Builders LLC to Wright, Muranda Yolanda, Lot 80, Woodfields Sub., $155,000.

Stratton, Chasity G. Per. Rep. and Stewart, Peggy Mcdaniel Estate and Peggy Mcdaniel Stewart Estate to Gibert, Terry M. and Gibert, Carolyn H., Tract No. 14, Old Laurens Highway, $35,000.

Hundley, Peter and Hundley, Cassandra to Thomas, Christopher B. and Thomas, Latisha M., Lots 17, 25 And 26, Deadfall Road W. Hodges, $82,000.

Hughes, Amy H. and Building Blocks to Hayes, Ellis & Hamilton LLC and Hayes, Ellis And Hamilton LLC, Lot A, Ninety Six Highway, $165,000.

Reynolds, Brandi B. and Reynolds, Scott D. to Perry, Bradley, Lot 12, Blk. 2, Unit 2, Greenwood Shores Sub., $167,000.

Greenwood Family YMCA Of Greenwood SC to Balance Point LLC, Parcels County, $292,000.

Special Referee and Voelker, Michele B. and Schurch, Philip H. Estate and Philip H. Schurch Estate to Stauffer, Curtis R. and Stauffer, Marta Joy, Tract 1-B, County, 2020-CP-24-01126, $66,000.

Living Amends Holdings LLC to Timms, Joseph L. Jr., Lot A, County, $14,000.

Curry, John Patrick Jr. Per. Rep. and Bouvouloir, Kathleen Estate and Kathleen Bouvouloir Estate and Bonvouloir, Kathleen C. Estate and Kathleen C. Bonvouloir Estate to Garrett, Billy J. Jr. and Mitchell, Tara Garrett, Lot 46, Stoney Point Sub., $374,500.

Brunner, Michael H. to Brunner, Cheryl A., Lot 214, Eagles Harbor Sub., Ph. III.

Young, Rollie to Young, Glenda and Young, Tony and Young, Roger and Pressley, Karen, Lot, Burnett Road.

Owens, Melissa D. to Feagin, Stacy, Lot 2, Silver Ridge Sub., $155,000.

Turner, Eugene J. By AIF and Turner, Kevin Duane and Turner, Kevin D. AIF to Martin, Kenneth Michael and Martin, Silvana, Lot 10, Saddlehill Sub., Ph. III, $270,000.

Blue, Christopher J. and Blue, Tamela M. to Doolittle, Kenneth G. II, Lot 28, Creekside Sub., Ph. I, $380,000.

Mullen, George E. to Sanders, Jennifer M., Lot 9, Ph. IV, Sec V., $48,000.

Harter, Barbara A. to Marclyn, Ben S. and Hansberry, Marie L., Lots 132 And 132-A, Eagles Harbor Sub., $12,000.

Chihta LLC to Stress, Brian and Stress, Michelle, Condominium Apartment Numbers 106-D, 106-H & 104-C Hidden Creek Horizontal Property Regime, $194,000.

Cain, William Michael to Cain, Michael K. and Cain, Joetta M., Lot 18-A, Druid Hills Sub.