Williams, Taylor Brooke to Richey, Douglas E., Lot 2, Campbell Property, $92,400.

Worthy, Dana K. and Knight, Dana Marie to Worthy, Dana K., Lot 225, Sec. I, County.

Garrett, Ann W. and Garrett, Emma Ann W. to Bailey, Charlene, Lot 5, Meadowbrook Sub., $23,000.

Abe,l Luke Tyler to Harris, Alexus Paige, Lot 229, Greenwood Plant Sub., $91,350.

Savage, Alan T. to Reeder, Laura Delea Savage and Leopard, Cathy Renea Savage, Unit 302, The Clusters At Gatewood.

Reeder, Laura Delea Savage to Leopard, Cathy Renea Savage and Leopard, Tony A., Unit 302, The Clusters.

Taylor, Brandon C. to Taylor, Margaret G., Lot 176, Belle Meade Sub., 2020-Dr-24-592.

Taylor, Margaret G. to Reynolds Avenue Properties Of Greenwood LLC, Lot 176, Belle Meade Sub., $150,500.

Detweiler, Alex and Detweiler, Lauren Amber to Bunch, Rebecca Leann, Parcel County (Greenwood & Abbeville), $251,000.

Lawson, Dewey Glen to Lawson, Dewey Glen and Vallejo, Diana, Lot 83, Avondale Sub., Sec. Two.

Nelson, Harold Richard and Nelson, Tammy J. to Hobson, Jason and Hollifield, Tracey, Lot 110, The Cottages At Palmetto Crossing, $270,000.

D. R. Horton Inc. to Harris, Christie Michelle Jenkins and Jenkins, Joseph Lee, Lot 31, Milford Pines Sub., Ph. II, $242,490.

RML Properties LLC to Bautista, Aviles Miguel Angel and Aviles Miguel Angel Bautista, Lot, Baptist Street, $28,000.

Cole, Kenneth R. and Cole, Darline K. to Phan, Theresa Trustee and Kenneth R. Cole Trust Agreement and Cole, Kenneth R. Trust Agreement and Darline K, Cole Trust Agreement and Cole, Darline K Trust Agreement, Lot 1, Sec. B, Shearbrook Sub.

Cole, Kenny and Cole, Kenneth R. to Phan, Theresa Trustee and Kenneth R. Cole Trust Agreement and Cole, Kenneth R. Trust Agreement and Darline K. Cole Trust Agreement and Cole, Darline K. Trust Agreement, Lot 46, Abney Mills Sub.

Walker, James W. Sr. to Walker, James W. Jr., Lot 21, Sec. 1, Matthews Plant Sub.

Tran, Diem to Tran, Suzie, Lot 4, Sec. Ag Avalon Townhouses, Phase 1-D.

Mckitrick, Delight Penaverde and Mc Kitrick, Delight Penaverde to Bulauitan, Anthony, Lot 41, Ammonwood Sub.

R. T. Bailey Construction Inc. to Whiteside, Elizabeth Carpenter, Lot 39, The Retreat At Grand Harbor Sub., $782,252.

Teasley, Glenness Denise to Mills, Stephanie, Lot 228, Greenwood Plant Sub.

Howle, James C. and Howle, Tressa G. to Drennon, Mitosha Michelle, Lot 5, Foxcroft Sub., $15,000.

Cape, Dennis to Mcguire, Pam and Mcguire, Keith and Mc Guire, Pam and Mc Guire, Keith, Lot A, County, $155,000.

Blackwell, Kenneth N. and Blackwell, April N. to Creswell, Lauren J. and Carter, Benjamin A., Lot 222, Belle Meade Sub., $230,000.

Kelley, Lauren J. and Creswell, Lauren J and Creswell, Lauren to Kelley, Michelle G., Lot 75, County, $110,000.

Bunch, Michael W. to Alexander, Eric C. and Alexander, Catherine L., Tract 6-B, Ballenger Road, $144,500.

Odell, Augustus P. and O Dell, Augustus P. and Odel,l Sara B. and O Dell, Sara B to Odell, Augustus P. and O Dell, Augustus P. and Odell, Sara B. and O Dell, Sara B, Lot 11, Roman Acres Sub.

Crowe, Phillip M. and Crowe, Amber E. to Nelson, Beth Anna, Parcel County, $455,000.

Smith, Tanner D. and Smith, Anna Gagnon and Gagnon, Anna E. to Constant, Eric L. Jr. and Constant, Brandi Weaghington, Lot, Sweetwater Road, $185,000.

Reis, Adriano and Reis, Adrian M. to Hudson, Chris and Hudson, Corley, Lot 44, Eagles Harbor Sub., Ph I, $55,000.

Brown, Wanda L. and Brown, George M. to Caldwell, Beth Patterson, Lot 18, Brightwater Bay Sub., Ph. II, $21,000.

Townsend Property MGT LLC, to Coleman, Barbara A, Lot 258, Greenwood Plant Sub., $95,000.

Nguyen, Kimberly to Jensen, Dane Alan and Jensen, Britney, Lot No. 23, Willowbrook Road, $129,000.

Powell, Rhonda M. to Powell, Cissell Kelly and Cissell, Kelly Powell and Cissell, John, Lot 103, Phase I, Section III, Stoney Point Sub., $265,000.

Bowen, Roy Daniel and Bowen, Heidi F. to Waggoner, Joseph G. and Waggoner, Haley N., Lot 59, Hyde Park Sub., $181,500.

Ouzts, Sarah A. to Payne, Vincent D., Lot No. 10, Block D, Douglas Featherstone Property, $12,000.

King, Drury Wheeler to Boswell, Nannette K and Dodgen, Catherine K. and Lecroy, Anna K., Parcels County.

Hall, Russell D. to Holmes, Travis Eric, Unit 14, Karlie Hill Townhouse, Ph. I, $103,000.

Sanders, Doris H. to Sanders, Doris H. and Sanders, Malissa and Sanders, Bobby Lee, Lot No. 23, Edgefield Heights.

Kennedy, Robert F. and Kennedy, Cynthia H. to Wang, Jerry, Lot 218, Cedarbrooke Sub., $390,000.

Albertson, Christina L. to Albertson, Christina L. and Albertson, Michael David, Lot 19, Saddle Hill Sub., Ph. I.

Deale Family Holding LLC to Bright, Lawrence Jr., Lot 84, Brightwater Bay Sub., Ph. I, $89,000.

Lucky Star Licensing LLC to ZA RE LLC, Lot County, $200,000.

Milford Pines Development LLC to D. R. Horton Inc., Lots 134 & 135, Milford Pines Sub., Ph III, $97,800.

Ward, Matthew W. and Ward, Jessica L. and Bir,t Jessica L. to Ward, Matthew W. and Ward, Jessica L., Lot 16, Driftwood Sub., Ph. IV.

Roberson, Mattie to CMH Homes Inc., Parcel County, $35,000.

Crawford, George Herbert Per. Rep. and Crawford, James M. Estate and James M. Crawford Estate to Hensley, Steven M. and Hensley, Emily C., Lot 567, Canoe Bay At Grand Harbor, $279,000.

Steifle, Gregory T. to Brooks, James R. Sr. Trustee and Brooks, Lynn Herndon Trustee and Brooks, James R. S.r Revocable Trust and James R. Brooks Sr Revocable Trust and Brooks Lynn Herndon Revocable Trust and Lynn Herndon Brooks Revocable Trust, Lots 4-A & 5, County, Road Access And Easement, $95,000.

Mcquerns, Herman R. and Mcquerns, Herman Rhodes and Mc Querns, Herman R. and Mc Querns, Herman Rhodes to Despotovic, Despot and Despotovic, Despot D, Lot 2 County.

Despotovic, Despot and Despotovic, Despot D. to Tereshchenko, Vasily F. and Tereshchenko, Liliya V., Lot 2, County, $10,000.

Mullady, Stephen D, and Mullady, Stephen and Mullady, Thomas F. IV and Tatum, Lynn M. and Mullady, Peter T. and Smith, Lisa M. and Mullady, Nancy Elise and Atchley, Fielding H. Per. Rep. and Mullady, Thomas F. III Estate and Thomas F. Mullady III Estate to Willis, Jason R. and Willis, Lydia B., Lot 154, Ph. IV, Grand Harbor Sub., $125,000.

Dill, Dennis J to Pruitt, William T. and Pruitt, Kimberly D., Lot 26, Smithfield Sub.

Dreamers Properties LLC to Triplin, Jacquette L., Lot 7, Country Homes Sub., $41,000.

Lovell, Marcia J. and Lovel,l Steven B. to Kennedy, Robert F. and Kennedy, Cynthia H., Lot E-44, Gatewood Sub., $455,900.

Bautista, Anselmo to Pinckney, Betty V., Lots 94 & 93, Grendel Plant Sub.

Ware, Joyce E. to Timmons, Christopher E. and Timmons, Frances S., Lot 14, Lakewood Heights Sub., $190,000.

Ashley, Betty P. to Powell, Micheal Scott, Lot 457, Sec. 3, Reigel Plant Sub.

Capehart, Harlon Ray to Capehart, Janet, Lot C, County.

RWG Holdings LLC to Graybeal Construction & Design LLC and Graybeal Construction And Design LLC, Lot 192-B, Stoney Point Sub.

Graybeal Construction & Design LLC and Graybeal Construction And Design LLC to Diel, Bradley Scott and Diel, Debra Lynn, Lot 192-B, Stoney Point Sub., $20,000.

Mahon, D. Sloan to Chartier, Louis and Chartier, Diane, Lots 13 & 14, Blk. B, Lakeview Sub., $435,000.

Wang, Jerry to Wang, Jerry S. and Wang, Yishan, Lot 218, Cedarbrooke Sub.

Love, Aaron IV and Love, Candice and Grant, Candice Teresa and Grant, Candice to Macrae, Christopher Ryan, Lots 27 & 26, Planters Row At Palmetto Crossing, Ph. I, $115,000.

Morton, Daniel C. to Grier, Susan M. and Moton, J. B., Lot 5, Elgin Heights Sub.

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