D. R. Horton Inc. to Lim, Eng C, Lot 127, Milford Pines, Phase 3, $268,890.

Kelley, Sandra L. and Kelley, Scott A. to Kelley, Sandra L. and Kelley, Scott A., Lot No. 1, County.

Le, Dat Van and Le, Dat V to Le, Pov Cheng and Le, Wendy Thi and Lopez, Linda Le and Le, Steven Van, Lot 1, Fronts On Old Abbeville Highway.

Crook, Laura and Crook, Kevin to Anderson, Jennings B. and Anderson, Mary Parks, Lot No. 11, Frazier Point Sub., $569,000.

Morton, Eric L. to Krajci, Henry Michael Jr., Lot B-1, Smith Road, $207,000.

Shore, Richard L. and Shore, Patrice E. to Hughes, Kenneth L. and Hughes, Jennifer M., Lot No. 160, Stoney Point Sub., $569,900.

Hayes, Scott to Davis, Rebecca M. and Davis, Daniel Scott, Lot, Sproles Avenue, $269,900.

Thomas, Justin K. to Hanschke, Michael and Hanschke, Cam, Lot No. 32, Terrapin Pointe Sub., $30,000.

Brown, John Paul and Brown, John to Brown, Autumn and Brown, John Paul, Tract 2, County.

Watts, William H. Jr. Estate and William H. Watts Jr. Estate and Watts, Wilma Per. Rep. to Wright, Kelsey C., Lot No. 4, Block B, J.P. Boulware Property, $15,000.

Moon, Barbara Jan and Danner, Billy Joe Jr. and Danner, Richard Wayne and Danner, Richard W. to York, Ervin Albert III and York, Sally Lulu, Lot No. 4, Stella Jones Carson Sub., $90,000.

Keystone Homes Inc. to Matute, Federico Medina and Rubio, Bianca, Lot 17, Cedarbrooke Sub., $353,000.

Young, Jerry S. and Young, Frances G. to Jones, Chad E. and Jones, Brandy H., Lot, County, $9,350.

Reinacher, Mark H. and Reinacher, Sandra L. to Stewart, James R., Lot 11, Waterford Bay Sub., $540,000.

Pagano, Baba Danielle and Baba Danielle Pagano and Pagano, Shelton Danielle and Shelton Danielle Pagano to Belloff, Kevin M., Lot No. 3, Brooklane Sub, $105,000.

Allen, Michael and Allen, Michelle to Ivester, Jason T., Lot No. 31, Subdivision 1 Chinquapin Properties, $300,000.

Clark, Paula M. and Kirkland, Christopher D. and Jak And Associates to Merrill, Albert L. and Merrill, Jane H., Lots, County Of Greenwood, $105,000.

Shahan, Gary Allen to Jaimes, Vargas Daniel and Vargas, Daniel Jaimes, Parcel County, $15,000.

Garcia, Gamaliel to Martinez, Esbin Azariel Perez and Perez, Martinez Esbin Azariel, Lot No. 20, County, $20,000.

Rouse, Thomas G. to Leaman, Samuel M. III and Leaman, Lucia Hoefer, Lot No. 9, Phase I, Newport Sub., $160,000.

Todd, Chandler B. to Kemble, Richard L. and Kemble, Mary L., Lot 10, Verde Court, Stoney Point, $15,500.

Dixon, Katelyn A. to Baker, Caleb Brice and Baker, Katherine Alexandria, Lot No. 39, Winding Creek Sub., Ph III, $226,900.

Landers, Ann Marie to Smith, Lisa Hyde and Landers, Ann Marie, Lot No. 112, Harris Plant Sub.

Reynolds, Travis Mack to Schenk, Robbert and Moore, Nicole, Lot 31 and portion of Lot 30 Westwood Sub., $274,900.

Jameson Rentals LLC to Wagemaker, Letty Lee, Lot No. 47, Panola Plant Sub., $72,500.

Kingsmore, Michael to Hernandez, Jonathan Cruz, Tracts Kirksey Drive, $39,000.

White, Jonell S. to White, Grover Cleveland III and White, Jonell S., Lot, Dixie Drive (part of)

Mile,s Johnnie Sr. to Miles, Johnnie Sr. and Brown, Sharon and Miles, Johnnie Jr., Lot 67, Terra Villa Sub.

Dorsey, Debra Lynn to Farelas, De Leon Fernando and Moya, Moya Guadalupe, Lot No. 58, Section 2, Avondale Sub., $73,000.

Rogers, David to Johnson Darin C. and Johnson, Christina S., Lot 3, Ridge Road, $419,000.

Irvine, Mary Francis and Creswell, Albert Michael Estate and Albert Michael Creswell Estate and Creswell, Deborah M. Per. Rep. and Creswell, Marion Thomas and Creswell, Terrell Lynn Per. Rep. and Creswell, Terrell Lynn to Hughes, Susan M., Lot 104, Harris Plant Sub., $131,000.

Tax Sale Properties Of Greenwood LLC to Haburay, Jeffrey W., Southern part of Lot #5 Brookside-Nicholson Re-Subdivision, $9,000.

Troutman, Kathy to Bryan, Helen G., Lot No. 75, Section 1, Mathews Plant Sub.

Farmer, Johnney Ray and Farmer, Susan C. to Dickerson, Dan W. and Dickerson, Kathy F., Lot, Chinquapin Road, $300,000.

Duncan, Dustin Chad to Godfrey, Robert L. Sr., Lot No. 1, Cokesbury Road, $87,000.

Vickery, Luke and Vickery, Megan to Singer, Donald Albert, Parcels, County, $199,000.

Shipman, Taylor L. to Heath, Bykeshia Cortrez, Lot 36, Aspen Heights Sub., $199,000.

Boone, Ruby W. By AIF and Mcneill, Janet Elizabeth Boone AIF and Mc Neill, Janet Elizabeth Boone AIF to Ouzts, Jeremy B., Lot No. 115 Ninety Six Plant Sub., $40,000.

Cummings, Patricia A. to Sullivan, Faith Kaziah, Lot or Unit 29, Hampton Trace Townhouses.

Hendrix, Caleb M. to Alvarez, Maria Isabel and Atkinson, Leroy Glenn III, Lot County, $262,000.

Turner, Lloyd Scott to Turner, Lloyd Scott and Turner, Linda Kay, No 95. Kitson Street designated as Lot No. 10, Ninety Six Plant Sub.

Martin, David Bruce to Martin, Karen Lynn, Lot No. 86, Pucketts Ferry Sub., $0.

Johnson, Meagan and White, Meagan Elizabeth to Moulton, Miller Kim Michele and Culler, Edna Carol, Lot No. 276, Section 1, Mathews Plant Sub., $140,000.

Deloach, Cynthia L. to Mostiller, Theresa, Lot County, $18,900.

Town & Country Real Estate Inc. and Town And Country Real Estate Inc. to Reinhardt, Randall L. and Reinhardt, Joanne, Lot A-7. Gatewood Sub.

Widner, Carol G. to Hunt, Monica M., Unit No. 6, Green Pointe Horizontal Property Regime, $130,000.

Panorama Investments LLC to Daca Holdings LLC, Parcels County, $587,375.

Panorama Investments LLC to Daca Holdings LLC, Parcels County.

Dichiara, Peter to Dichiara, Peter L. Trustee and Dichiara, Gayle L. Trustee and Dichiara Family Living Trust, Tracts Number 4 & 5, Old Laurens Road,

Dichiara ,Peter L. to Dichiara, Peter L. Trustee and Dichiara, Gayle L Trustee and Dichiara Family Living Trust, Lot 220, Harborside Sub.

Lewis, Robert Jr. to Lewis, Forstean and Lewis, Terry Lashaun, and Lewis, Cheryl Anita, Tracts County.

Hudgens Street Properties LLC to Greenwood Junction LLC, Parcel Fronting Southern Side Of S.C. By-Pass 72 NW, $583,000.

Laxgg LLC to Russell, Jill Anne, Lot No. 6, Walnut Heights Sub., $8,000.

Harris, Dayna I. to Reynolds, James Warren and Reynolds, Anna Katie, Lot 5 and Lot 5-A, Cobblestone West Subdivision.

Carithers, Paul Douglas Trustee and Patricia E. Carithers Residence Trust and Carithers, Patricia E. Residence Trust to Carithers, Paul Douglas, Lot 6 and Lot 5, Mattie A. Hartzog Property.

Kelly, Dennis Dwayne to Kelly, Carolyn V., Lot No. Two (2) Avondale Sub.

Vail, Harriett Lynn to Vail, Harriett Lynn and Wells, David Sterling, Unit 5-B, Phase II, Lauren Circle Townhouses.

Collins, Susan D. Per. Rep. and Dowis, Mary Frances Walker Estate and Mary W. Dowis Estate and Dowis, Mary W. Estate and Mary Frances Walker Dowis Estate to Curtis, Matthew M. and Curtis Angelia Patience, Lot 22, Springdale, $240,000.

Robinson, Herthy F. and Robinson, Gwendolyn C. to Town & Country Of Greenwood LLC and Town And Country Of Greenwood LLC, Lot 18, Kirksey Forest, Ph I., $10,000.

Epps, Susie R. to Epps, Harold J. Jr., Lot 24, Blk. A, Beckridge Sub.

Newton, William J. and Newton, Mary A. to Newton, William J. and Newton, Mary Ann, Lot 13, Ph. I, Grand Harbor Sub.

White, Kathy W. to White, Dell Hugh and Crisp, Terri Elizabeth White and White, Kathy W. and White, Frank W., Parcel Hall Street.

Special Referee and Heman, Kelly M. to Allen, Vernon E. and Allen, Toula C., Lot 8, Block A, Wade Heights Sub., $56,000.

Garnett, Edsel Dale to Wideman, Ratonya, Lot C, County.

Tribble, Jack W. III Trustee and Jones, Jana T. Trust Agreement and Jana T. Jones Trust Agreement and Tribble, Jack W. III Trustee and Tribble, Jack W III Trust Agreement and Jack W. Tribble III Trust Agreement and Tribble, Jack W. III Trustee and Self, Jennifer T. Trust Agreement and Jennifer T. Self Trust Agreement to Clark, Daniel G., Lot No. 10, Avondale Sub., Lot No. 9. Avondale Sub., Section 1, $135,000.

Dixon, Philicia B. and Beaube, Philicia Ann to Calvert, William H. III and Calvert, Debra G., Parcel US Highway 25, $245,000.

Watermark Of Greenwood LLC to Jennings Duplex LLC, Lot No. 32 and Western 1/2 of Lot No. 34, County, $173,500.

Bowie, Rickey E. and Bowie, Glenda D. to Bowie, Rickey E. and Bowie, Glenda D. and Jones, Summer Bowie, Lot, Kate Fowler Road.

R.T. Bailey Construction Inc. to Holmes, Justin Glenn and Minter, Alexandra, Lot 4, Kate Fowler Road, $279,919.22.

Bryan, Helen G. to Middleton, Sharon G. and Middleton, Shaunte Y., Lot No. 75, Sec. 1, Mathews Plant Sub., $75,000.

Smith, Koran and Miles, Norris to Ehiaghe, Isaac Gold, Lot, Avondale Road, $189,000.

D. R. Horton Inc. to Martin, Elizabeth Necole, Lt. 122, Milford Pines, Ph. III, $274,490.

Mclain, John P. and Mclain, Britten A. and Mc Lain, John P. and Mc Lain, Britten A. to Wilbanks Holdings LLC, Lt 86 & Pt. Lt. 85, Cherokee Drive, $80,000.

Richey, Leonard J. to Beaube, Philicia Ann, Unit 10, Royal Oaks Villas Horizontal Property Regime, $182,000.

Morrison, Ski Catherine to Williams, Joshua D., Lot 237, Sec. I, Mathews Plant Sub., $115,000.

Askew, Mark and Askew, Hope By AIF and Askew, Mark AIF to Funderburk, Dwight E. II and Funderburk, Kathryn S., Lot 76, Lodge Grounds, $830,000.

Tinkler, Elsie Mcgill to Tinkler, Paul E. Trustee and Tinkler, Elsie Mcgill Family Trust and Elsie Mcgill Tinkler Family Trust, Lot 55, Cherokee Hills.

Uni Rent Properties Inc. to Higgins, Tiara J. and Higgins, Gregory Sr., Lot 23, Briar Cliff Development, $155,000.

Parker, James H. to Johns Creek On The Border LLC, Units E & F, Thornbrook.

Parker, James H. to Johns Creek On The Border LLC, Pt. Tract 2, County (Greenwood & Abbeville).

Hamrick, Jacqueline A. to Kamyszek, Ellen S., Lot 15, The Willows Sub., $143,000.

Hollingsworth, John to Mcferrin, James and Mcferrin, Emily and Mc Ferrin, James and Mc Ferrin, Emily, Lot 1-E, Pine Ridge Sub.

Land In2 Cash LLC to Miller, Trenell, Lots 4-7, Traynham and Reynolds Sub., $24,700.

Patel, Vishnubhai Bhagvandas to Patel, Raj M and Patel, Sangita, Lot, North Cambridge Street, $30,000.