Kennerly, John F. and Kennerly, Heather Y. to Kennerly, John F. Jr. and Kennerly, Heather L., Lot 173, Belle Meade Sub, $0.

Tidwell, Georganna to Davis, Taylor H., Parcel County, $97,000.

Roque, Roger to Roque, Roger and Geronimo, Serrano Hodalis and Serrano, Hodalis Geronimo, Lot 5, Ph. I, Pebble Creek Sub.

Duncan, Randolph to Duncan, Randolph and Duncan, Karen M., Lot 231, Country Homes Sub.

Duncan, Randolph and Duncan, Karen to Duncan, Randolph and Duncan, Karen M., Lot 159, Country Homes Sub., No. 2.

Breazeale, Cliff and Breazeale, Jana R. to Scott, Kirsten R., Lot 21, Beech Run Sub., $217,000.

Bowers Rodgers Home Foundation The and Bowers Rodgers Childrens Home Inc. and Bowers Rodgers Home Inc. to Salvation Oaks Recovery Community Inc, Lots 14-20, Methodist Parsonage Property Sub. and Tract A, Lot B-1 & Lot B-2, County, $125,000.

Victor, Ronald J. and Victor, Karen to Viana, Rhonda Lee Russell Trustee and Smith, Charlene Lillian Trustee and Viana, Rhonda Lee Russell Revocable Trust and Smith, Charlene Lillian Revocable Trust and Rhonda Lee Russell Viana Revocable Trust and Charlene Lillian Smith Revocable Trust, Lot 41, Harborside Sub., $32,900.

Oakes, Harris By AiF and Oakes, Paul A. AIF to Burton, James Albert, Lot 76, Augusta Fields, Sub. Sec. 2, $151,000.

Thomas, Lou M. to Thomas, Lou M. and Pesch, Joseph and Warren, Edward Arthur, Parcels County.

Fowler, Milton E. to Fowler, Milton E. and Fowler, Lucile, Lot 7, Blk. M, Blyth Heights Sub.

Wilkinson, Sara Catherine By AIF and Countybank AIF to Countybank Trustee and Wilkinson, Sara Catherine Trust and Sara Catherine Wilkinson Trust, Parcels County.

Harter, James Yurgen to Harter, Austin and Harter, Dillon, Parcels County.

Gorman, Sammy Robert Per. Rep. and Taylor, David W. Estate and David W. Taylor Estate to Hawkins, Christopher, Lot No. 79, Phase V, Brentwood Sub., $220,000.

Moss, Stephen Lee to Rousey, Clara E., Lot No. 8, 9, And 10, Block 7, Greenwood Shores Sub., $73,500.

Amber Crest Properties LLC to Alpha Real Estate Holdings LLC, Condominium/Apartments B-1, B-2, B-4 & B-5 Hillcrest Horizontal Property Regime, $157,160.

Fitzmaurice, Mark James and Fitzmaurice, Ann Westbury to SCc Armory Court LLC, Lot 3, Ph. I, Patriot Plantation, $6,435.

Chapman, Clara Fisher to Butler, James Richard and Butler, Christine Marie, Lot 111, Greenwood Plant Sub., $57,000.

Witt, Harold Ray and Wit,t H. Ray to Witt, Michael Ray and Witt, James Phillip, Lot 35, Greenwood Plant.

C C C C Holding LLC to Lone Wolf Investments LLC, Parcel 58.57A, Redbud Lane.

Lone Wolf Investments LLC to Wilson, Joshua A., Parcel 58.57A Redbud Lane, $128,613.20.

Patterson, Jessica R. and Patterson, Brandon T. to Harrell, Kim S. and Harrell, David L., Lots 1-A & 1-B and Pt. Lots 2-A & 2-B County.

Frazier Family Holdings LLC to Maddox, Robert W. and Maddox, Shannon, Tracts 1-3, Island Ford Road, $160,000.

R.T. Bailey Construction Inc. to Thompson, Chane A. and Thompson, Selena T., Lot 4, Eighteen Queens Court, $265,000.

Ngoy LLC to Sibi ,Moshe, Lots City, $100,000.

TJ Homes LLC to Tsantakis, Charlene O. and Tsikalakis, Eleni, Parcels County.

Valentine, Roger K. and Valentine, Sharon E. to Valentine, Roger K. Trustee and Valentine, Sharon E. Trustee and Valentine Revocable Trust, Parcel County.

Vogt, Pamela to Vogt, Pamela Trustee and Vogt, Pamela Trust Agreement and Pamela Vogt Trust Agreement, Lot 222, Ph. V, Grand Harbor Sub.

RWG Holdings LLC to Graybeal Construction & Design LLC and Graybeal Construction And Design LLC Lot 190-A, Stoney Point Sub.

Graybeal Construction & Design LLC and Graybeal Construction And Design LLC to Mcwhorter, Ricky P. and Mc Whorter, Ricky P. and Mcwhorter. Joyce G. and Mc Whorter, Joyce G., Lot 190-A, Stoney Point Sub., $20,000.

Hammond, Rocky L. Jr. to Lonestar Tree Ranch LLC, Lot County, $166,500.

Martin, Stanley M. and Martin, Ellen M. and Martin, Ellen B. to Martin, Stanley M. and Martin, Ellen M., Lots County.

Hembree, Robert J. to Post, Ian T. and Post, Elizabeth A., Lot, County, $55,000.

Deignan, Paul J. Jr. and Deignan, Pamela M. to Haddad, Soubhi S. and Haddad, Samar S., Lot 24, Spyglass, Stoney Point Sub., $13,000.

Jones, Randy D. and Jones, Robin C. to Sullens, Michael D., Lot County And Easement For Use Of Sewer Line, $60,000.

Patel, Jayantibhai to Bbfree LLC, Parcel County, $40,000.

Zink, Patricia A. to Zink, Judith M. and Crawford, Patricia Z and Zink, William R. and Dickson, Marylee and Nicholas, Nancy J. and Zink, Patricia A., Lot 3, County.

Martin, Thomas A. to Spivey, Stanley C. and Spivey, Beverly G., Parcels 18 & 17, Sagewood Sub. & Parcel County, $191,500.

Snyder, Howard F. and Snyder, Monteze M. to Moon, Jeffrey Brian and Moon, Tamage Gail, Parcel County, $229,248.

Laurens Highway Properties LLC to Wagler, Ronald J. Sr., Lot SC Highway 72/Highway 221, $210,000.

Brock, Rickey W. and Ashley, Donna B. and Brock, Donna B. to Laquitara, Vincent Salvator and Laquitara, Cynthia Sharon, Lot 468, Sec. 3, Riegel Plant Sub., $15,000.

Equity Trust Company FBO and Bailey, Robert T. Roth IRA and Robert T. Bailey Roth IRA to Ennis, Brenda, Lots 3 & 4, Kate Fowler Road, $60,000.

CMH Homes Inc. to Naderi, Jeffrey H, Lot 17, County, $116,240.

Ennis, Brenda to R. T. Bailey Construction Inc., Lots 3 & 4, Kate Fowler Road, $6,000.

Ginn, Tony L. and Ginn, Jackie Sue to Dezurik. Mark T. and Dezurik, Trudy M., Parcel County, $200.

Timmerman, Andy Per. Rep. and Lake, Elizabeth Purcell Estate and Elizabeth Purcell Lake Estate to Lawrence, Benjamin Mckellar, Lot 59, Fairforest, $62,850.

Cabrera, Patricia A. and Minnick, Patricia A. and Minnick, Ronald J. to Minnick, Patricia A. and Minnick, Ronald, Lots 14-A & 14-B, Blk. A, Ligon Estates.

Stoney Point Restorations LLC to Ace DVM Properties LLC, Lot County, $112,000.

Stoney Point Restorations LLC to Ace DVM Properties LLC, Lot County.

Bley, Roger F. and Bley, Edna Williams to Mock, James R. Jr. and Mock, Denise T., Lot, Woodland Street, $200,500.

Davis, Tyler and Davis, Corie to Rendal,l Meredith B., Lots No. 3, Block C, Tract 1, Ligon Property & Lots County, $255,000.

Keystone Homes Inc. to Scurry, Brenda M. and Scurry, Keith, Lot 21, Cottages At Emerald Farm, $180,000.

Fitzsimmons, Marion B. to Smith, Robert Thomas and Smith, Dawn Aileen, Lot No. 8, French Village At Stoney Point, $19,500.

Melvin, Carrie R. and Nicholls, Carrie to Denton, Melissa, Parce,l County, $35,000.

Stephens, Dillard W. and Stephens, Haley A. to Whittle, Alyssa Danielle, Lot 44, Auburn Place Sub., $215,000.

Swinney, Lance and Swinney, Marcela to Peterson, Johnny and Anderson, Jiari E., Lot 77, Winding Creek Sub., Ph II, $190,000.

Simpson, Beverley to Long, Anthony Wade, Lot 211, Eagles Harbor Sub., Ph III, $6,000.

Holley, Ricky By AIF and Ashley, Amy AIF to Roark, James Christopher, Tract H, County, $41,500.

Whatley, Travis Wesley and Whatley, Nicholas Bradley to Robinson, Harold D., Lot 72, Crestview Sub, $86,500.

Global Capital Lending Inc. to Gibb,s Luke Tyler and Gibbs, Madison Elaine, Lot 1, Laurel Street Sub., $179,000.

Boggeros Business Rentals LLC to Dreamers Properties LLC, Lot 5, Blk. B, Panola Heights Sub., $18,000.

Provision Builders LLC to Callaham, Keana S., Lot 6, Truett Street, $143,900.

Taylor, James B. and Taylor, Anna Williamson to Freeland, Jordan Alexander, Lot 8, Forest Lake Sub., $167,500.

Keystone Homes Inc. to English, Jaleesia Oshay and Watson, Travis D., Lot 34, Cottages At Emerald Farm, $246,007.

Keystone Homes Inc. to Morton, Quantella and Dixon, James M., Lot 19, Cottages At Emerald Farm, $200,150.

Keystone Homes Inc. to Hill, Tevin and Moton, Kenneth, Lot 33, Cottages At Emerald Farm, $226,900.

Adrian, Steven to Hipp, H. Neel III, Lot 1 & Lot 1-A, Bridge Point Development, with interest In Maintenance Access Road, $605,000.

Coker, Sheila R. to Proctor, Mickey Lynn, Parcel C, County, $129,900.

Retreat Real Estate Group LLC to R. T. Bailey Construction Inc., Lot 14, The Retreat At Grand Harbor Sub., $40,000.

Brownlee, Clarence M. to Peterson, Lee A., Lot No. 44, North Lake Sub., Ph I, $170,000.

Burdette & Harvin Properties LLC and Burdette And Harvin Properties LLC to Emery, Edward F., Lots 33, 34 And 35, Brightwater Bay Sub., $55,500.

Johnson, Walter Jr. and Johnson, William C. to South Carolina Department Of Transportation, Survey Station Parcel #7804-810-664.

Going, Cleo F. to Going, Cleo F. and Going, Donald Lee Jr. and Going. Troy Wayne, Lot/Unit 4-C, Curl Creek Townhouses.

Keller, Curtis D. to Alvarez, Marla, Lot 28, County.

Round Two LLC to Claussen, Alan James and Claussen Cynthia Ann, Tract B, County, $139,500.

Bagwell, Julie Pratt and Bagwell, Julie P. to Kingsmore, Michael, Parcel County, $18,000.

Culbreath, Edith Hill to Dickerson, Zanipha M. Trustee and Hill Family Trust, Lot County.

Coshun, Deborah K. and Davis, Randy L. to Tempel, Robert C. and Tempel, Catherine A., Lot 215, Harborside Sub., $125,000.

Wieckowski, Monika Bernadette and Wieckowski, Monika to Wieckowski, Waldemar Trustee and Wieckowski Family Trust, Unit 14, Karlie Hill Townhouses, Ph V., $0.

Hughston, Joyce Per. Rep. and Hughston, Joyce and Andrews, David W. Estate and David W. Andrews Estate to Sightler, Jerry L. and Sightler, Donna P., Lot No. 110, Grand Harbor Ph. II, $120,000.

Auburn Place LLC to Rickey, Tracy, Lot No. 77, Auburn Place Sub., $20,000.

Land, Danny R. to Land, Danny R. and Land, Krista, Lots 10-12, Blk. B, Lakeview Sub. & Parcel B, County, $0.

Holmes, Tommie F. to Holmes, Henry and Hastings, Pamela Claudette and Timms, Roxine and Holmes, Tommie F., Lot 73, C. L. Wells Sub., No. 2.

Coleman, Annette L. and Coleman, Maxie Lee to Coleman, Maxie Lee and Coleman, Annette L., Lot 6, Sec. 3, Avondale Sub.

Gibert, Terry and Gibert Holdings LLC to Mercer, Benjamin R., Lot 1, County, $9,000.

Smith, Richard Russell Jr. and Smith, Tracy Vandiver to Thomas, Charles Carroll III and Thomas, Amy Browning, Lot 21, Harbor Heights Sub. & water line tap with pier rights, $650,000.